Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I wrote about pre pick up entertainment yesterday. Well, the post pick up entertainment had me laughing so hard today. This may not be proper to discuss on my blog, but I've never been proper and I want to remember how funny my kids are.

Me: Ugh, I have a headache.
Ben: Did Noah give it to you?
Me: No.
Ben: Well, what then?
Me: I think it's my period.
Ben: What? You wrote a story and put a period at the end. How can that give you a headache? I write sentences everyday and put periods at the end and never get a headache.
Emily: It's not that kind of period Ben.
Ben: Well, then what kind of period is it?
Me: You know, when Mommy bleeds.
Ben: You cut yourself? You need a bandaid!
Me: No Bub, It's a hormone thing.
Ben: What the heck is a hormone?
Emily: Nevermind, you'll understand when you're older.

Oh gosh. When did my daughter become so mature, and I just want to wrap Ben up in his cute 6 year old self and keep him there forever.


Linda said...

too funny and then just wait... Sarah got her period in 6th grade. Just around the corner for you, lol. xoxo

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! well you only have one more day to wrap up Ben's 6 year old self.... where did that time go so quickly?
Happy ♥ Valentine's day on the 14th. Hope there is lots of love going on in your home.