Monday, February 25, 2013

Around Our House

I wanted to do this blog post about 2 weeks ago. That's how behind I am. I got the pictures ready to go and then I got too busy. So, this is what was going on around our house 2 weeks ago. I'll get caught up eventually.

We went to open gym at a gymnastics place with some friends. This was lots of fun for the kids. I left Noah at home with David.
 photo IMG_4749_zpsab0f7b0c.jpg
 photo IMG_4755_zps22fa29b1.jpg
 photo IMG_4796_zpse821fc2e.jpg
 photo IMG_4856_zpsedfd198a.jpg
They happen to have the same spider dome as we have in our living room. Figures they would want to play on it.
 photo IMG_4813_zps0755578c.jpg
I know Ben was imagining himself as Spiderman on the rope.
 photo IMG_4828_zps0220009d.jpg
Emily's favorite thing was doing a flip into the foam pit.
 photo IMG_4835_zpsa8e7826d.jpg
Getting out was another story...
 photo IMG_4837_zpsd0c74b9e.jpg
Ben got to fly off a rope into the foam pit. Yep, Spidey for sure!
 photo IMG_4886_zps62988fab.jpg
 photo IMG_4845_zps71153f4f.jpg

We were supposed to get tons of snow last week. Instead, we got practically nothing, only a dusting that melted in 30 minutes, about 10 different times. But, three weeks ago, we got some snow. These pictures are from then.

Going down the slide with snow on it never gets old.
 photo IMG_4948_zpsf2be2502.jpg
 photo IMG_4949_zpsbf9e7a45.jpg
 photo IMG_4950_zpsb75e6bb4.jpg
 photo IMG_4954_zps489b1f96.jpg
 photo IMG_4964_zps4bffba81.jpg

This week is already gearing up to be a busy one. Emily is in a Charlotte's Web play after school on Thursday as part of Read Across America. I have to help in their classes with activities relating to that too on Thursday. You would think I learned my lesson after Valentine's Day, but nope, I'm going back in for more!

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Linda said...

Hi Gina,
Even though I'll never blog ever again, I will still read and comment on your blog. I always enjoy your updates. :)

Hope you have a great new week,
Love, Linda