Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Work? and Spider Dome

I had this great conversation with Ben today. It went something like this:

Me: Mommy needs to get back to work.
Ben: You work? But, you don't go anywhere.
Me: Um, yeah, I get to work from my computer.
Ben: Oh, I just thought you were always playing video games.

And there you have it. After almost working for 2 years, Ben finally realizes that I'm not just playing video games. Shows me that he really is in his own little world.

In other news, we sold our teeter totter airplane that was in our living room for years on Craigslist several months ago. The great thing is that it was in pretty mint condition since it was inside most the time. Well, we moved it to the backyard when we got new carpet and then we never moved it back in. Anyway, my point being we bought it for $150 at Costco and because it was in good shape, we sold it for $100 on Craigslist. Sweet.

I saw a spider dome thingy at Costco last week. I asked David if we could put it in our living room to which he thought I was crazy. Maybe I am. What sane woman would want a spider dome in her formal living/dining room? I went to Costco with the kids Wednesday when David was out of town for work. The kids saw it and totally were on my side. All it took was Emily texting David, "please Daddy please". And we now have a spider dome in our living room.
It's a thing of beauty, right? The kids are having a blast and will have the strongest abs ever.

I climbed right up, hung from my knees and immediately got stuck. Apparently, I'm not 18 anymore. Then, I was laughing so hard as the blood was rushing to my head to be effective at all in getting myself down. David had to save me.

If you had the space and 3 small kids, would you put something like this in your house?


Linda said...

If I had the space in a family room area, yeah sure I might have done this. We never had the space though and I'm pretty picky - runs in our family. ;) I'll bet there's a weight limit on that item though, and there's no way Jim or I would be hanging from it. Ha.

Back to my commute to work tomorrow and long boring days at the office and back to school of course for Sarah which none of us are looking forward to.


Piper said...

If I had the space, we would have a playground inside :p