Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is a Test

I'm trying this out...a post from my phone.

I helped in the kids classes this morning and saw this on the bulletin board outside of Em's class.

In Bens class, we celebrated the 100 th day of school.

Fun! Fun!

Update: Okay, that works pretty well and easy, but it has to be for short quick posts. And I can't insert pictures exactly where I want them. They just show up at the bottom. All in all though, I would say it's a success and super easy to do a little post here and there. You know, to make my Dad happy.


Linda said...

Hey, I like your posts too! :)

I can't imagine posting anything from my phone (can't type easily on it and can't see the small text well enough) but you know me and phones. Do you know I've had my iPhone for what - 2 months... I never even use it. It's turned off in my purse. Next time our contract is up (2 years) I need to see about just getting a pay as you go plan from Walmart.

But... good for you being able to post from it! You brought back happy memories for me of the 100 days of school events. I remember those with Sarah. Now, we can barely wait for Junior Year to be done! (She scheduled for her Senior year the other day - can you believe it?)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Yep it worked. Pete is Happy and so is G. not to mention Linda. I love Emily's resolutions. Pretty well thought out for a 8 year old. I see she didn't mention sending emails to her Grammie. That was supposed to be one right Emily? LOL!
Oh well I'll try again next year, I guess.

Piper said...

Whenever you see all my pics clustered at the bottom, you know I've used the phone :p I hate that! But at least a post goes up lol