Friday, January 4, 2013


It's no secret that Noah is my most difficult child. He can be rude, mean and completely inappropriate at times. And he can be sweet, giving and lovable at times. You typically don't know if you are going to get the sweet Noah that likes to cuddle or the Noah that's running around calling everybody a buttcrack.

In any case, I feel the need to point out the positives. Like this super cute drawing he did the other day. It's a ninja turtle in case you're blind.  Seriously, this just makes me smile.
He can be so cantankerous. Sometimes, in those bad moments, I scrunch up my nose, gnarl my teeth and give him my best cat hiss. For some reason, he finds this funny not frightening. I had to grab the camera last night and film him trying to hiss back at me. Don't mind David in the back yelling for paper towels. He was changing his car battery and needed paper towels and I was hissing at Noah. It's how we roll.

He makes me laugh. Gosh, I love that kid.


Linda said...

I know your feelings. It's why I have only one. ;) By the time I even thought of having another child, it was too late.

Noah is adorable though of course. Love the little video - cracks me up. :D

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! What a great video to start off the new year. Glad to see Noah was having one of his good days. The drawing is great and totally recognizable. Look's like 2013 might be his year to shine. But, then you know we all love him no matter what year it might be. ☼

Piper said...

HA!! That video is hilarious :D