Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Hangin' Around

I think it definitely helps to have something fun and active for the kids indoors. It was 0 degrees here with the windchill the other morning. IN ARIZONA! Crazy.

The spider dome is still a huge hit. This is Emily's new trick today.
She's awesome.

Then, I found this scene in her Barbie Dream House.
That's Ken mooning you. I'm not sure what exactly is going in, but I don't think it's rated G. So, I asked Emily about it and she said she didn't pose them like that. She said the Barbies were having a slumber party in the bunk beds, but Ken wasn't invited. Then Noah fessed up to adding Ken to the mix. Figures.


Anonymous said...

Like your title and Em's pic. Not sure about Noah's addition to the pj party.Sounds like he thought Ken belonged and as for hanging out guess his rear end qualified for this blog,lol!
Sent a package your way ,let me know when it arrives...please.

Linda said...

My laugh for the morning! :D Thanks!!