Monday, November 19, 2012


Ok, I'm not shallow enough to be thankful for money, but I'm thankful that we are comfortable with what we have.

My friend recently made fun of me when she saw me whip out my check register. I guess that is so last century. Up until 2 years ago, we were paycheck to paycheck. I needed to know down to the penny what was in my checking account in order to pay things without bouncing. Sure I don't write checks hardly ever anymore, but I still like to see what I have and what is coming and going.

I guess I'm just old school. What do you do? Online program? Check register? Nothing, just log in every so often to make sure nothing is bouncing? Do they call it bouncing when it's all out there in cyberland.

In any case, I'm thankful that we have enough money in our checking account that I don't have to watch every cent and I can contimplate throwing away my check register. Or not...

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you, check register. Of course, I am not quite with you as I actually still use checks for the most part. Of course money going in is mostly direct deposit, but I have very few automatic w/drawals. I truly want to be sure there is sufficent money before, I write a check.I'm still not completely at ease with the marvels of technology, cyberspace and those clouds out there.
In the mean time I am sending your hubby back home through the magic of modern technology, space and the clouds. Thanks so much for sharing him with me for the week. I really wish it had been longer. He was such a great support to me, he always has been and I'm quite certain always will be.