Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I didn't quite make it through the whole month of November with my thankful posts. But, I made it through Thanksgiving and for that, I'm thankful. It was harder than I thought. Not being thankful, just the time commitment of posting a little something every day. I'm officially letting myself off the hook. I feel much better.

Now, onto my regular unthankful posts.

I love my kids. They always make me laugh. The day after Thanksgiving, they officially welcomed Christmas by making cards for Santa.

This was Ben's:
And this was Emily's:
Yep, at least she is honest. And funny.

Emily also made a Thanksgiving card for her friend Ellie in school.
I asked how she knew what masa was? It's a Spanish corn/flour type thing. That's all I know. She said, "That's Mesa!" as in the town Ellie lives. Ha! Mesa, Masa, tomato, tomatoe.

We took the kids to our favorite Chinese food place. We got them some Chicken Chow Mein. Emily liked it. Ben tried the egg drop soup.
After the meal, Ben decided he liked the rice and fortune cookie.

David and I love Canton Dragon. Noah only ate 2 crispy wontons. He doens't like food.
We had a lot of leftovers.

Have you ever heard of the sock bun? It's were you cut off the toe of a sock, roll it up and then roll your pony tail around it to get a perfect bun. I read in a magazine yesterday to spray your hair and you'll have beautiful cascading curls after you sleep on it. So I did.
Not quite the look I was going for. I think I look like Carrot Top and Annie's love child.

Ben wants to climb walls one day like Spiderman. I think this is the closest he will get.

In any case, I'm glad my kids provide me with laughter and that I can laugh at myself. For that, I'm thankful.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back. I had just mentioned to David this morning that you made it as far as Thanksgiving with the things you were thankful for and after that you fell apart. LOL! Guess you proved me wrong without even trying. Love the Christmas letters Grampie is anxious to know what it is that Ben wants that is called Spiderman Stun City. I love how he climbs the door frame. He really looks like he does want to be Spiderman.He is amazing.I see Emily is still into the dolls, that's great at least she lets Santa know exactly what she wants..And as for Noah I guess he takes what he gets.
As far as the new hair do... not so much... you do better naturally, I think.☺

Linda said...

So fun to read as always :)

Never heard of sock buns, but you have to remember, my hair which has been growing UNCUT for 2 years now, is just barely touching the bottom of my neck or the tips of my shoulders, so I don't think that would work on me, LOL.

Glad you're having fun.
Love, Linda

Piper said...

Loving the Santa letters :) Mine managed to number the paper but never made it to the actual writing part--boy just doesn't sit still long enough....