Sunday, November 11, 2012


Emily and Ben were completely potty trained by 2 1/2. No diapers at night, no accidents. The process wasn't all that hard.

Then, Noah came along.

I know they say each kid is different, but this kid is from a whole different mold. It's been an ongoing struggle for about 18 months. I've tried everything. Not caring, overly praising, yelling at him, time outs, sticker chart, M&M's. Nothing worked on this kid.

Now, he's had pee down for awhile. But poops are another story. He would go a tiny bit in his pull up or underwear and he'd do this 4-5 times a day. It was so aggravating. David's sister suggested to get him some matchbox cars, but Noah doesn't like cars.

But he does like ninjas! So we went to the dollar store and let him pick out a bunch of different toys. Then, we didn't let him have any of them! Aren't we awful? We told him he had to go poops on the potty and then he will get a ninja.

And you know what, he came home, got right on the toilet and pooped! Hallelujah! It's a bloody miracle. We put all his toys in "Noah's Poop Toys" bucket and he gets to pick out a toy everytime he goes poop.
I woke up this morning and he was sitting on the toilet hoping something would come out. Ben was really coaching him because you know they share toys, so he would push on his head and hope poop would come out. Then, he told Noah to eat a really big breakfast because it might make him go.

I haven't figured out what I'll do in 11 days when the toys are gone.

Today I am thankful for the art of bribery and I'm thrilled that Noah is receptive to it. And since it's Veterans Day, I'm also thankful to our military men and women who do a job that I never could.


Linda said...

Your writing is always entertaining. :)

At our house there were occasional sheet changes in the middle of the night until Kindergarten age. A Long time ago now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ! Way to go Noah. You are such a big boy now.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add. Happy Anniversary. You can now in good conscience change that 8 years to nine. Lol! I hope you have a wonderful day and believe me we are blessed to have you as our one and only daughter in law. Love to you and thanks for lending us David probably right at a time you would like to have him there with you. I truly appreciate it. Both of my kids are pretty special and they have both demonstrated it so fully in the past 3 weeks. We are blessed to have both you and Daniel as part of our family.

Piper said...

Hahahahahaha! I love that Ben pushed on his head :p I could definitely picture my boys doing this :p