Monday, September 17, 2012

Around Our House

This weekend was the weekend of bikes.

We tried to teach Ben to ride his bike without training wheels...again. It's hard to go on long bike rides with training wheels. He just can't go as fast as the rest of us. He's doing pretty good. I think he just needs the confidance.

He gets unstable and turns. See next video when he almost hits the neighbors truck.

Poor David is wiped out after all of this.

I also got Noah a child seat for my bike. He loves, loves, loves it.
I bought vampire teeth for the kids.
We dog sat for our friends. This is after David walked her and Rocko for 45 minutes.
My Mom is still in Phoenix, so I took Noah on a bike ride this morning.
I think he likes it. He has great teeth. It's a harder workout with 30 extra pounds in my trunk, so it's a win/win.

David and I are watching 24. Yeah, we are about 10 years behind the times. It's actually funny to see the flip phones and they are texting on this ancient looking device with an antennae. We are only on Season 1, but we are enjoying it.

Did you know 3 weeks from today, my feet will be in the Pacific Ocean. Yep, beach house on Seal Beach for fall break with our friends.

Life is good.


Linda said...

Love biking!! :) As for Ben, no worries - every person is different in learning that skill and Sarah who has always been ahead in most everything, took a very, very long time to learn to ride her bike without training wheels (way older than Ben). Obviously, eventually she took off and look at her now - driving a car. ;)

Wow, you're lucky to have an upcoming vacation. We don't have anything called fall break here - there are a couple of days off around Columbus Day, but nothing big until Thanksgiving (3 days) and then nothing until Christmas break, which is really just around the corner!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Ben is coming along very well and Dad probably loves all the starts and stops! The one who really looks proud of himself tho is Noah. An additional 30 lbs. will definitly give you a great workout. Hope you have a great week around your house..