Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Around Our House

Last week, I helped in the kids' classrooms. It's my new thing every Thursday. I'll be there tomorrow. The best part is seeing them interact with their peers. I went in Ben's class first to give the teacher the snack he was supposed to bring. On the way out, this poster board of the Star Student of the week caught my eye.
Yep, that's all about Ben. He wrote everything by himself on his information sheet.
Ben is very much the same kid in class as he is at home. He does good and tries his hardest. He's quiet but helpful.

Emily is a different kid from how she is at home. She calm, quiet and so well behaved that I almost forgot she was in the class. They had a really cute bulletin board up outside the classroom and you had to try to guess who the kid was. I looked at several before I came across Emily's and knew it was her. Well, I wouldn't have known from the drawing.
The fill in the blanks were a dead giveaway.
Yeah, I knew that was my girl right away.

Noah and I have fallen into a nice little rhythm without the kids. We hang out and watch way too much Toy Story. He's a little obsessed and I can't really blame him. I love all 3 movies as much as he does. He insisted on bringing Woody and Buzz grocery shopping this morning. Sorry about the horrible photo, but it was senior day (10% off) and they were hot on my heels. I had to move while taking the photo.
And that's what fills my days...


Linda said...

Looks like good days to me. :)

My Mom never helped out in my classrooms but she did when my sisters were little. She was the "Picture Lady" at the grade school who brought in pieces of art and talked to the younger grade levels about the pieces. She was Room Mother as well. As I write this, I'm thinking that she probably doesn't even remember now that she did those things, since she's not remembering a lot anymore.

Hope you have a great Thursday.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I loved Ben's poster. He did such a good job,both with his written answers and his drawings. I guess The Anne of Green Gables answer would have given Emily away if nothing else. BTW did she receive the cd yet?
Love, G.