Friday, October 7, 2011

We're Going Back To Cali

The kids have fall break next week, and we are headed to California for some fun in the sun. I just took out the jackets and boots this week, but we will gladly trade them in for short sleeves and bathing suits next week.

The last time we went to Disneyland was three years ago. We went for my Aunt Rosie's wedding. Things were very different then. The kids were so small and Noah wasn't even in my belly yet. Notice I don't have as many white hairs as I do now. Noah will do that to you.

We are headed to my Aunt's in Encino tomorrow. I get to meet their new baby Chase. So excited. Sunday night we will head to Anaheim.

Ben was only 2 1/2 and Emily was 4 the last time we went to Disney.

We'll spend three days enjoying Disneyland and we'll make a trip to Huntington Beach one day.

I've been on the move since 6:45 this morning. This is the first time I sat down all day. And I still have so much to do.

The kids have been a HUGE help....or not.


Linda said...

Hope you have a great trip.

There's no such thing as Fall break here - Monday is Columbus Day and that's it. Sarah's next break is Thanksgiving in November - I think they get 3 days off preceding the weekend and then there's Christmas, but no trips for us other than probably Chicago sometime and that's not really a trip, considering Jim goes there 2 days a week for his work commute, lol. That's just 2 hours away.

Hey, you could have come here for warmth - we have upper 80s for highs right now - no boots or jackets required, lol.

Have fun.
Love, Linda

Pam said...

Have fun and travel safe. Love you!!