Monday, October 17, 2011

School Pictures

Sometimes I'm still shocked that I'm a Mom. I have three kids and I have no idea how that happened. Well, I know how it happened, but it still surprises me sometimes. But everything I do every day reminds me of my little peanuts. I went to write down directions for the fall party we went to the other night and all I could find to write with was a purple crayon. Really...I can't find a pen? Nope.

I had an unfortunate incident in California and half of my big toenail is trying to come off. Blood, nastiness, pain. In any case, I'm doing my best to keep a band-aid on it until the meat underneath toughens up. I went to grab another band-aid today and all I had were kid band-aids. Spiderman, Littlest Pet Shop or Transforms. I picked the Pet Shop. Really...I don't have flesh colored band-aids? Nope.

Yesterday, my kids ran out of school with their school pictures.
Ben. (picture by LifeTouch)
Emily. (picture by LifeTouch)
They looked so cute. Really...I have 2 school aged kids? Yep. And I couldn't be more proud to be their Mama.

But, I am buying regular band-aids next time I'm at the store.


Linda said...

Sarah and Co. still like the printed band aids. That's about all we have up in the cabinet, lol. Teenagers.

Love their school photos! I wonder when Sarah's will turn up - last year, we actually had to bring the order to the photographer (he's here in town). Small town.

Hope your toenail grows back in quickly - that's painful!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! They turned out so good!

I've had the same thought recently about being a mom. :)

Oh and yeah your mention of the toenail made me cringe . Hope the skin toughens up soon!