Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Rest of Cali

Our last day of vacation, we split up the day. We spent the first half in Disneyland and the last half at the beach.

I brought my camera to Disney but barely took it out. I did manage to get this photo of the kids and David on Splash Mountain. Ben's face cracks me up.

We did all of our favorite rides again. Our last ride of the day was the Buzz Lightyear ride. Ben's favorite. It broke half way through and we had to be escorted off the ride. Ben was not happy, but I did get this picture with him and Zurge since the ride was not working.

It was getting so hot at Disney. The high was 100. So, we took off for the beach. I did not bring my camera. I just wanted to enjoy our last few hours having fun in the sun and not be trying to get pictures.

I watched my daughter make friends with 2 kids on the beach. She was laughing and screaming jumping in the waves and playing tag with one of the boys. By the way, she never let him tag her. My girl is quick.

I watched Ben and Noah get in a squabble over the sand toys. Noah hit Ben. Ben hit Noah back. David and I laughed. It was hysterical. Then, Noah came over to us crying saying "Ben hit". Yeah buddy, we saw it all. Ben hit you after you hit him. It was a funny exchange and one I may have missed all together if I were looking through a camera.

We stayed until the sun was about to set. Then, we had ice cream for dinner. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful vacation.

We are back to the grind. David is mowing the yard. I'm doing countless loads of laundry. We brought home half the beach and I have sand all of my floor. But it was heaven sleeping in my own bed, not listening to Noah and Emily's cough symphony that went on every night. The poor little lambs have allergies and something in California set them off. They took turns every night coughing and keeping us up. I loved our vacation, but I love coming home. I guess that's a good thing that we have a great life and really every day here at home is wonderful.

The whites are calling...

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Linda said...

It's so funny you mention the camera - I was saying the same thing to Jim today when we were returning to Curtis Orchard with my sister and her family & Sarah this afternoon - how sick I am of always having to capture photo moments. Sarah and Brian did the photography today (except for just a couple of pics that I wanted Sarah to be in) but it was a nice, refreshing break to simply be there, in the moment, without having to capture everything for everyone else to see or not see on the blog or facebook. I think I'm onto a new trend for me. ;)

Glad you had a wonderful time.
Welcome home.
Love, Linda