Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mental Health Day

Emily has always had bad allergies. As soon as the wind picks up, she gets all stuffy. Yesterday, it was horribly windy. She was sneezing, sniffing and rubbing her eyes all night. We started with Clariton, but it takes awhile to kick in.

She woke up this morning with a horrible headache. She wouldn't even drink her coffee. That's when we know she isn't feeling well. She doesn't have a fever or feel pukey, but she looked a little pale and was laid out on the sofa.

This always seems to happen. Three days before we leave for Disneyland and someone isn't feeling great.

I told her she could stay home from school and David gave her medicine. She just ate a blueberry waffle and grape juice that I served her on a TV tray while watching Ramona and Beezus.

We loaded Ben up in carpool and she seems to be doing just fine. I think it was just a sinus headache. I should send her to school, but maybe she just needs a mental health day. Plus, I don't know if she is really sick or just on a Motrin high right now.

I snapped this photo of her after she suggested we make the longest picture in the world just like Ramona and her Dad did on Ramona and Beezus.

I think I've been duped.


Linda said...

Oh, I've been duped a time or two. ;)

Did you know that very few people actually get true sinus headaches? I've known this a while, but read something about it on the news again recently. What most people call Sinus Headaches are actually Sinus Migraines. I know they feel yucky - that's the only kind of headaches I've always had. Our allergies are really bad right now too - here it's the combination of the Autumn seasonal allergies with the farmers in the field harvesting stirring up lots and lots of mold and dust.

At any rate, hope Emily is all better and sometimes we all just need a day to relax. :)

You're going to Disneyland? Wow!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm sure by now the little princess is back in school. At least I hope so. Staying home is so boring on most days, it's so much more fun at school! LOl!In any case I hope she is recovered and well on her way to planning for next week.
I hope you guys have a great time and don't encounter too many lines like you experienced here in Orlando.♥♥♥