Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Party

We went to a fall party at our friends Moms house on Saturday night. They bought a beautiful home on a few acres and they have goats as pets. The kids thought that was cool.
Noah was happy to run all over the place. He's in the light blue shirt...running.
There were yummy fall treats.
Emily tried to take a bite, but couldn't do it with her wiggly front tooth. So, I got the apple. YES!

Noah being cheesy.
David is the best marshmallow roaster. He makes perfect ones. Nice and brown on the outside and ooey gooey inside. He was making me a smore.
Then everyone went for a hayride.
It's been an unusually warm October here. We had a few days where jackets were needed, but as you can see in the pictures, David is wearing shorts!

It was a fun party and a great kick off to fall. Now we just need the weather to join in and it'll start feeling more like fall.


Linda said...

What a great place to have an Autumn party! :) Love it. When I saw what you wrote about David and the marshmallows, I was thinking "Must run in the family because his Uncle Jim is also the best marshmallow roaster!" - Jim prides himself on them being perfect every time. You know we haven't even had any campfires at all since I can't remember when. I don't think we even used our new firepit yet. Something is wrong with this picture - we'll have to use it soon.

Loved reading about your weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got back in time for the wonderful party at the farm. The kids must have loved it as they always enjoy seeing the animals at the zoo and this was so much nicer for them to be able to see them up close.It's funny that Kathi's grand kids went to a local "Farm " yesterday and when her grandson came back he said he wanted a goat. I guess that pet must be "all the rage this year".
Anyway thanks for sharing all the pics, both from your vacation and Evening on the farm. ☼