Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cali - Day 4

Today we went to California Adventure. I think we rode every ride in the park. And most of them twice! That baby swap comes in handy.

But David and I have realized we are getting older. Funny I say that on my birthday, but it's true. Some rides neither of us wanted to go on, but there had to be an adult. David sat out this lady bug dance ride. Think tea cups.

At least I got to take a few pictures of the kids having fun to distract myself from how much I was disliking going in circles.

And two minutes before the kids got on this ride, I ran into our friends from Prescott Valley. Kind of funny. It's a small world. (pun intended)

The kids went down this zip line in Wilderness Trail that they thought was so fun.

Noah and I entertained ourselves while waiting for the other 3 to finish the river run.

I took a picture of David and the kids as they went by.

Then, David took a picture of the kids and I going by.

Emily and Ben loved being able to ride almost everything twice that Noah couldn't go on.

David said he'd take Emily and Ben on these swings. I thought he must be crazy because he doesn't go for rides like this. He remembered that about 5 seconds after the ride took off. He's in the green shirt. Ben is sitting with him and Emily is on the outside in the pink shirt.

We went on the huge ferris wheel. We had this fun little thing we'd do. Whenever Emily gave us attitude, we'd say we were going to take her on the Tower of Terror over and over. "First ride, Tower of Terror. Second ride, Tower of Tower. Third ride, Tower of Terror. Last ride, Tower of Terror. All of us join in and say it. Even Noah which he was doing here.

Almost every ride we had a fast pass or great timing and didn't wait more than 5 minutes for any ride all day, except for this Toy Story ride. My boys look cute!

David takes his shooting rides very seriously. He was mad that I was winning half way through, so he made a comeback at the end. Whatever.

The carousel wait at Disney yesterday was like 30 minutes. This one had no wait today.

Then Ben saw the closest thing to a superhero at this park and asked if he could push his buttons.

To infinity and beyond!

It was another great day. Disney never disappoints. I'm so glad I got to spend my birthday with my family on this wonderful vacation.

Until we ordered PF Changs for dinner and we couldn't find the car keys to go get it. 20 minutes of panic and a check in the camera case and I stopped having a panic attack.

Tomorrow we are off to the beach!


Anonymous said...

Super! Sounds like you had the best day and the fact that it was your birthday and you were having Fun, makes it all the more special. ☺
On this side of the country Grampie was busy serving up supper to the president..I'm sure Pres Obama will remember THAT EVENT forever. lol!

Linda said...

Such a wonderful day!! :) As previously mentioned, Jim and I don't do any of those sorts of rides and I definitely cannot spin without passing out. But.... Sarah and friends - Tower of Terror was one of their favorite rides in Florida, lol. They rode it a few times - they're big so into all of the scary rides.

When we were at the Disney theme parks in Florida, we saw Jim's boss or company president and his family. Too funny. Small world indeed.

Have fun at the beach,