Monday, October 10, 2011

Cali - Day 3

Did I mention that it took Ben 39 minutes into our 8 hour drive to California for him to ask if we were there yet? Then, we heard it about 15 more times. Glad we are done driving for the most part. Well, except the 8 hour drive home.

Today was our first full day in Disneyland. We all had so much fun. The family waited while I got tickets. I thought they looked cute.

 I asked David to snap a picture of Noah on his first Disney ride, Winnie The Pooh. This is all he got.

Then we waited for Peter Pan. Why does it always have the longest wait?

At least we had Noah to entertain us in the lines.

We went to Disney 3 years ago, and It's A Small World was closed for refurbishment. Today it was open and it was Emily's first time. She was excited. She's not much into the Princesses anymore, but she still thinks dolls are cool.

She was pointing and oohing and aahing around every corner.

I loved that she was on the edge of her seat and was trying to peek into the next room as we turned each corner to see what was ahead.

And guess who we saw at the Hungry Bear Restaurant? AZ Diamondbacks very own, Luis Gonzalez, aka Gonzo. I was going to run over and ask to take a picture with him, but David told me to chill. So, I just took a quick photo of him ordering food.

Then, we relaxed on the railroad which Ben thought was boring.

 And we hung out in Toon Town.

Ben liked It's A Small World, but he didn't like the singing. His favorite rides of the day were the Haunted House and Splash Mountain. Space Mountain had added ghost for Halloween and Ben was crying by the time we got off. He was so freaked out and begged not to go back and see the fire ghosts.

The last time we went to an amusement park, he was the daredevil and Emily was chicken. This time Emily was more adventurous. Go figure. Her favorite rides were also the Haunted House and Splash Mountain.

Because of Noah, we get to do a child swap, so the kids got to ride Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain (well just Emily) twice. Who knew Noah would come in handy.

Our last ride of the day was Autopia. Ben wanted to pretend we were on a date, so he drove. I just pressed the gas. He did really well, but almost went off the track a few times. I kept telling him to put away his cell phone and concentrate. He was a perfect gentlemen and took his driving serious.

It's 9:00 now and Noah is already passed out in the pack and play in our hotel. He was such a trooper today. He didn't even take a nap and never once complained. All of the kids did really well. Everywhere we turned, kids were having temper tantrums and ours just hung in there all day.

Tomorrow we are headed to California Adventure for some more fun. Oh, and it's my birthday! I'm 38!

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Linda said...

Hey, you're 9 years younger than me! I'm turning 47 in just a little over one month. :)

Happy, Happy Birthday!! I'm sure you're going to have a really fun day.

Loved all of the photos from your day three - Sarah and her friends who were teenagers (just last spring) when we were at DisneyWorld, think "It's a Small World" is scary, lol. Not really but that's the word they use because they hate the singing and the "scary dolls", as they describe them. lol. Yet it's one of my favorite rides because that's my speed. I don't do any thrill rides at all - neither does Jim.

Anyway - hope you have a wonderful day.
Love, Linda