Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cali - Day 1 and 2

We are fortunate that we live a 7 hour drive from a state that offers so much fun. We left bright and early for California yesterday morning. The kids have it rough. Movies and donuts at 8 A.M.

I always do my research and find a great park close to the freeway. I usually find one for each town that I think we may stop in. I much rather stop at a playground in a park then a play area at McDonalds. We always bring cold cuts and enjoy an hour playing outside. This park in Indio was a huge hit.

Even the big kid liked it.

All I kept thinking was nobody fall and break a leg.

Emily and Ben liked the weeping willow, but felt sorry for it because they thought it was sad. So, they gave it a hug.

If you've never drove from Arizona to L.A., then you have missed out on the windmills. Right before Palm Springs, you see miles of windmills.

They are so cool. The kids really thought they were neat. I always remember thinking they were neat as a kid too.

Ben trying to pass time decided to paint his fingers with a chocolate covered granola bar. This kid hates dirty hands, so this was quite a moment.

You know you are in the heart of Cali as soon as the traffic starts. Ben thought the buildings looked like New York where Spiderman lives. He even found the tallest one and thought it was the Daily Bugle.

We lucked out and only stopped for a few miles. We haven't really run into any traffic. Knock on wood.

We made it to my Aunt's house and we were all in love with Baby Chase.

He is so adorable.

My Aunt made us a delicious pasta dinner which hit the spot. She also got me a cake. My birthday is Tuesday. I don't think I've had my very own birthday cake in about 10 years.

We spent the night in a hotel and spent some more time with Aunt Rosie and Uncle John this morning. We went to a park near their house to tire the kids out before our drive to Anaheim.

The kids loved the ducks and I was certain someone was going to end up swimming.

Luckily nobody did. But my girl sure looks cute.

David went with John to get a pizza. We had a picnic in the park. It was so yummy.

Now we are in our hotel in Anaheim, less than a mile from Disney. We are headed there in the morning. Can't wait!


Pam said...

Looks like a great start to a fun week! Love ya!

Linda said...

I remember your California trip photos from last year at this time!

It's always great when you're within driving distance, all of our trips are road trips. :)

Love all of the photos - good times for sure.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you guys are having a ball. I saw a little girl at the doctor's office today that reminded me so much of Emily both in looks and how she acted. Now seeing these more recent pics of Emily I realize she is so much cuter and also a lot bigger than the other little girl. I guess I was remembering days long gone. The little trio you have with you on this trip will undoubtedly keep you hopping tomorrow on your birthday, but I hope it is a super day. ♪Happy Birthday to you, Gina♫
PS Your little cousin has the same look in the eyes as your trio. It must be a Carpanzano trait. Very sweet and I'm sure much loved.