Friday, October 21, 2011

Around Our House

Sometimes, I don't know where the week goes. I just noticed that I wrote almost 300 posts in 2010. I won't even get to 200 this year. Why is that? I don't know. Probably less free time on my part since I have a part time job and couponing is another part time job. In any case, here's what's going on around these parts.
Ben is doing really well in Kindergarten. I know he's smart, but I wasn't sure how he'd do in full day Kindergarten. He's always enjoyed recess and free play more than actual learning. Come to find out, he's retained a lot of information and has already completed the basic curriculum to graduate Kindergarten.

Ben has a different teacher than Emily did for Kindergarten, but they both use the same concept. A rainbow with 6 colors, each one representing a new skill that needs to be completed. They go over letter recognition (upper and lower case), letter sounds, then 3 sets of site words. I remember Emily's teacher being thrilled that all of her kids had finished the rainbow in April. Emily finished hers the beginning of November. I took a video of her reading her first book here. OMG, she was cute.

Ben's teacher has been sending him home with books from day 1. They were starting to get a little hard. Then, he finished his rainbow and started on this other set of books that is so easy. He was thrilled as it meant less work because there was a whole 10 words in the book. I had to get him on video too.

Now, the site words continue and they just keep adding rings to their rainbow. The books get harder too. Fun, fun!
Emily is going to start a ballet/tap class in December. There is a big recital in November, so we decided to wait until it was over and start up new. She got tap shoes yesterday and was having a blast. Ben put on a hand me down pair and was having fun too. Noah was trying to join in, but couldn't quite figure out why he wasn't making noise with his feet.
We graduated Noah up to a booster seat from his high chair. He always tries to sneak up in Ben's, so we thought he should have his own. I also thought he might eat more if he felt more a part of the family. But, nope he still only ate 3 bites of a grilled cheese. He was proud of himself being in a big boy chair though.
Looking forward to the weekend. My BFF Pam is coming up to spend the night and take me to lunch for my birthday. Can't wait!


Pam said...

Yea! I'm excited, too! Can't wait to see everyone! Love ya!

Linda said...

Glad everything is going well and hope you had a wonderful weekend. :)

Me, on the other hand, seems to have more and more time for my own endeavors. That happens when they're teenagers, but they still need us then too. Thanks for always being so encouraging to Sarah with her photography and such. She gets absolutely NO encouragement from her real Dad and StepMom when it comes to all of the good things she does. But they're very good at criticizing and pointing out all of the negative. No one really knows about this, but that's why I'm always so grateful for those family members who take the time to encourage a young person who really needs it! ♥

Hope you have a great new week,
Love, Linda