Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Housewife of Prescott Valley

I've mentioned before that Noah copies everything I do. From combing his hair to folding the clothes, he mimics me. I wrote about it a few months ago here. I'm seriously turning this boy into a housewife.

But now he is even helping in the kitchen. He even wears an apron because David and I usually do. So, he'll go to the apron hook in the pantry and have a fit until we put it on him.

By the way, David is making Philly Cheese Steaks. You get any meat, pound it out, grill it up, melt some provolone on some bread, add some grilled peppers and onions. Yum. I like a little A-1 on it too.

But, Noah doesn't eat that. He just has pasta. I think he needs his own apron.

He also helps vacuum the floor. He even holds the cord because I do.

He's great at using the Swiffer.

If you are interested in hiring him, just let me know. Although, he usually makes more of a mess then he cleans up, but with this face, who cares?


pam said...

He can come clean my house! Too cute!

Linda said...

Love it!

The pictures are great :)
And a fast easy recipe to boot. Thanks!!