Saturday, September 24, 2011

Picture Day

The kids had picture day this week.

Emily looked stunning as always and had a perfect smile.

Ben can never get the smile on command thing down.

This was his first "professional" picture in glasses and it was only after this picture was taken and he was long gone at school that I realized he had a smudge on his right lens. Lovely.

Can I just say that I wish Emily's outfit and boots came in adult sizes.

I think I took 64 pictures that morning and only 4 were good enough to post.

I love seeing their pictures and class photos. But, I think Ben might need a retake.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and Handsome what more can I say. Love the pics.Thanks for posting them. They brightened my day.☼

pam said...

Such cuties! Can't wait to see the pics.

Linda said...

So cute and I'm sure the school photos will be great :) I LOVE Emily's dress but I just have to tell you that I have boots like hers! Very similar - I have a pair in beige and one in black (Aerosoles, believe it or not - I got them last year and love them). :)

Hope you're having a good weekend - I'm still suffering here with the most horrible sinus migraine - 4 days and counting.... we did go to the band competition today and that was enjoyable as always.

Love, Linda