Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pants On The Ground

As Emily has grown, she has followed sizes exactly. When she was a year, she fit in 12 month clothes. At 2, she went to 2T. Her third birthday brought 3T clothes. And she is still following that pattern. She just turned 7 and most of her clothes are still size 6, but if I'm buying something new or for the winter I'll by a 7/8.

So, imagine my surprise when my boys are just the opposite. I forgot Ben's swim trunks this summer on vacation. No problem, Ben (whose 5 1/2) wore Noah's 18 month swimsuit. Sure they were a little on the Daisy Duke side, but they fit fine in the waist. He looked like a European in short shorts. Shirts are another story though as anything not a 4 or 5 shows his belly.

Noah just turned 2. He's completely caught up on the growth chart and is an average size for a 2 year old. I went through his closet and took down some new outfits that I had been waiting for him to grow into. There was this really cute Calvin Klein outfit that Grammie Gwynne bought for him. It's a size 2T. The shirt will definitely fit him. The shorts, well, not so much.

He fits in well with teens today.

And if you've never seen the audition of Larry Platt on American Idol singing "Pants On The Ground", you should watch it here. Funny stuff.

I imagine Noah will be able to wear the shorts in another few years. No worries though, we found someone else who fits in them perfectly.

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Linda said...

Love skinny-minnies :) Sarah's always been one.

And you crack me up - so funny - that Larry audition song was a huge hit around these parts. Sarah and her friends used to actually sing it/teasing some of the boys at school who dressed in such a ridiculous manner, lol. It kind of helped with the problem.

Hope you're having a great weekend.
Love the pictures and story as always.