Thursday, September 1, 2011


We don't leave our kids for overnight trips often. In fact, the last time we were both gone for 1 night was when Noah was born over 2 years ago. So when we told the kids we were going to Phoenix for the Diamondback game last Saturday, they weren't thrilled. They like consistency and having us at home.

Emily and Ben dealt with the idea of us leaving differently. Ben immediately drew a picture of us and put it on his dresser, so he could look at us and not be sad. I must say that this is a stunning resemblance to what my hair looks like first thing in the morning.

Emily, on the other hand, gave us a picture of herself and told us to put it up in our hotel room so we wouldn't miss her. Then, she cried a whole bunch.

I love the differences between boys and girls. And I totally think I should give David a little mohawk like in the picture next time I cut his hair.


Linda said...

So cute and funny, lol.

Sarah, on the other, couldn't wait for me to go anytime. She's been left overnight and for a week at a time at my parents house since she was just a little baby and then of course, used to spending time apart from me because of going to her Dad's, etc. I'm just spoiled about my alone time, what can I say. Sometimes I wished she would cry a tear or two - at least pretend to miss me, lol.
Love, Linda

Pam said...