Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ben Needs Another Surgery

Poor Ben. He is the easiest kid around and yet he somehow gets the short end of things. He truly is the greatest and maybe that's why he gets thrown a curve ball here and there. Because he can handle it.

In February of 2009, Ben got a hernia surgery. You can read about it here. He was such a trooper and recovered quickly. But it's still scary to have your 3 year old get put under and cut open. Even if it's only 1 1/2 inches.

In February of 2011, we had Ben's well visit at his Doctor where we found out that he couldn't see out of one eye. You can read about it here. He has a lazy eye that started us on a path of seeing a pediatric eye specialist, several trips to Phoenix and patching his good eye to get his bad eye to work.

It's been a long 6 months for Ben. Would any kid like wearing a patch over their good eye for 5 hours a day? No. But, Ben was always a trooper. He'd even remind me that he needed to wear it if I forgot to put it on. Truth be told, David was the patch Nazi. Ben wore his patch 5 hours a day no matter what. If he missed an hour one day, he made it up on the weekend. The proof is in the pudding when you look at all our pictures and he's always wearing a patch.

Ben had another eye appointment today. His fourth in six months. The Doctor is amazed at Ben's progress. Basically the first time he saw Ben, Ben couldn't see a huge picture on the wall with his bad eye when his good eye was covered. Three months ago with his glasses on and looking out of only his bad eye, he was seeing 20/80. Now, he's at 20/40. The Doctor is thrilled and says he no longer has a bad eye, just two good eyes.

I agree.

But, Ben had 2 issues. The first was that his right eye had turned off. Basically, he would've been blind in that eye eventually. Through patching, we've corrected that. The "light" is back on his eye and he is seeing great.

The second issue was that his right eye turns slightly in. From day 1 the Doctor told us that surgery may be possible. Actually, every visit he mentioned it. So, David and I had known that Ben would need the surgery. It was on the back burner until we got his vision working well. That happened so quickly, which is a great thing, but now we are looking at surgery.

Ben will go under general anesthesia and the Doctor will cut the muscle by the center of the eye. He said it's so mild that you've probably cut your eyeball worse with your fingernail at some point in your life. It takes about 15 minutes total. It will be down in Phoenix again. And this time, I know my son is a puker after anesthesia. I'm not getting in our car for at least an hour.

The scheduler will call me to make the appointment somewhere in the next 4-6 weeks. It'll be on a Tuesday, and he'll miss 2 days of school most likely. He'll only need Tylenol or Motrin for any discomfort he may feel. And his eye will be red like if you've ever scratched your eye.

After that, we'll we just have to wait and see. We are still patching until the surgery, but only 3 hours a day. Hallelujah! 5 hours was really hard, especially with school. His vision in his left eye is perfect and his lens on his glasses has no prescription in that eye. You'd think they'd give us his glasses for half price, but no. HA! The Doctor said today, it's possible that at the end of all this, he may not need glasses or just a very weak prescription for only his right eye.

Again, we know this is a very minor procedure and Ben will be just fine. His progress in 6 months is amazing. Almost as amazing as our sweet Ben.


Linda said...

Hope everything goes well with the surgery! I'm sure it will.

He's fortunate that the patching worked, as I mentioned that my youngest sister Angie had a few eye surgeries when she was younger than Ben and patching and none of it worked - she's worn glasses all of her life, as have all of my sisters. I was the only lucky one, but now I'm basically blind as a bat when it comes to any sort of closeup work. HOnestly, I need to be a big girl and return to the eye doctor, but me and doctors - ummm... I just never go.

Please keep us posted on how he does - I'm sure it will all go well and he is so sweet and amazing for sure. :)
Love, Linda

Pam said...

Ben is a tough kid. I know things will go great. Keep me posted. I'll come sit with ya! Love you! Kisses to Ben!

Anonymous said...

Oh my my sweet little man is undergoing another go round with the knife. As always he will win. Who would ever have guessed he would be such a knife magnet!At first as I started reading I panicked but you did a good job of reassuring me that all will be fine.Enrique assures me he will be fine. His super senses let him know that.:)
Thanks for letting us know even though I still feel my heart beating much too quickly over the prospect. ☼