Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Around Our House

There's so much going on around our house. I feel like the days all run together. Here are some highlights.

Emily lost her fifth tooth. And that chipped one on top continues to hang in there. She's getting $10 from the tooth fairy when that thing finally comes out.

My Mom was down in Phoenix for all of September and just came back home on Friday. This time she brought her cat, Miss Gracie, with her. We are loving having a cat again. She's super sweet and doesn't try to bite us, like Max used to. Miss Gracie was an outdoor cat and unfortunately she doesn't want to stay inside here either. I'm praying she doesn't become coyote food.

I've really missed having a cat. And when Miss Gracie came to the door, like Max used to, well, it melted my heart.

She may not leave when my Mom moves out.
With my Mom here, I finally got to help at the school. Today, I went to Emily's class. I've never been able to help before because I always had a baby to take care of at home. It was so much fun.

I made copies and cut out 19 coyotes and stars for a scrapbook. On my last 3 coyotes, the teacher tells me they have a die cast machine that cuts out from your stencil. What? I just cut out 19 coyotes and there is a machine to do that? I'm old school. If you want 19 coyotes out of construction paper, you cut 19 coyotes out of construction paper...with scissors!

In any case, I got them all done, old school style and had fun taking pictures of myself while the kids were at recess.

My hand was cramping after those 19 coyotes, but the smell of rubber cement made everything better.
Did I mention that I kind of got struck by lightening?

It was raining, not bad with a little thunder. Ben had just been in the backyard with an umbrella. I was making dinner. All of a sudden, we see a lightning bolt out of our window behind our fence. I don't know what it hit, but it made the most awful noise.

At that exact moment, I was hitting the start button on the microwave and got a shock, like 10 times worse than when you touch something and get that spark. Now, every once in awhile my right hand goes numb.

The moral of the story is to not start the microwave if it's raining. Just in case.

And if you need to cut out 19 coyotes, use the die cast machine, so your hand doesn't go numb.
Yesterday after Ben's doctor appointment, we went to McDonald's. I forgot my camera, but it was Ben's first trip to McDonald's. He'll be 6 in February. And you know what, he really liked it. Me, not so much.

Well there was the one trip a year ago. You can read about it here, but we just bought all the Batman toys and left. That doesn't really count as going to McDonald's.
I follow several money saving blogs and there are always offers to get a sample of this or that. A few months ago, I filled out some form for a free mouse pad. Hey, if someone wants to send me a free mouse pad, I'm all for it.

It came today and it is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen.

Pretty cute and maybe even cuter because it was free! If you want to make your workspace pretty pretty, you can order one here. They aren't free anymore, but they sure are cute!


Linda said...

Miss Gracie is a beautiful cat, she has pretty eyes. :)

How fun to have a picture of yourself helping out at the school! I don't have anything like that from back when I helped, but I remember those fun times.

That's kind of scary about the lightening strike and I hadn't even thought about that happening, but now I will. Hope your hand is okay!

Hey, I have a permanent chipped tooth on top sort of near where Emily's is, but my dentist is low key (he's great) and I am too about things like that, so unless it becomes a tiny little scrap of a tooth, I'll just be leaving it as it is (no cap). We're going through crowns right now for Sarah's 2 top lateral incisors, because she has peg teeth in those positions (little tiny teeth that never developed). For years now she's had veneers on them, but Dr. Wetzel said that she is old enough now for permanent crowns and whereas the dental insurance does not pay for the veneers, it does pay for the crowns after our $125 deductible. So.... that's the route we're going. Problem is the first night, the temporary cap fell off and Jim had to take her for an emergency 1st thing Friday morning appointment with Dr. W. Can't go to high school with a peg tooth, you know.... lol.

Anyways - the permanent crowns will be in the week after homecoming, so no apple eating for her right now. But Emily might try apples for that remaining tooth. ;)

Sorry so long... my last writing of the night before bed and I'm failing fast here. Been a long week but it's coming to a close for me tomorrow.

Hope you have a great remainder of the week.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

It certainly looks like it has been a busy week. Glad to see you found out about dye cutting. The teacher should have told you beforehand and saved your poor hands all that cutting.
That surely is cute cat. Hope she manages to stay in your yard and not wander too far afield.
Oh well now it is Friday and time for a bit of weekend relaxation. We are supposed to get some cooler weather for the weekend . That will be a break for sure. Hope you all have a good one as well!☼