Thursday, September 8, 2011

Around Our House

We moved the airplane teeter totter to the backyard when we got our carpet. I think it's staying out there, but we'll move it to the grass in a month when we stop mowing. The teeter totter got thoroughly cleaned in a downpour we had last weekend, hail and all.

The kids don't want to sell the teeter totter, but they don't want it moved back in the house either. They are having too much fun playing dodgeball with their Dad in the big open room.

But David made up some rule that they have to sit in jail (the step) when he pegs them with the ball, which happens about every 5 seconds. David doesn't believe in taking it easy on the kids. The kids (Ben especially) don't like jail.

Yesterday, the kids found the biggest spider I have ever seen. They said it was yellow. So, I had to go check it out. Yep, yellow and it looked like a crab.

I have never seen such a thing, but apparently there are crab spiders according to google. Who knew? Emily thought it was half human, half spider. Ben thought (or hoped) it was radioactive like the spider that bit Spiderman. I thought it looked like the King of all spiders, so we had some fun and fixed up that little spider.

The kids thought that was hysterical.

Noah's new favorite thing is to bring me Barbies and tell me "off". He wants their clothes off. Then, he sits and admires them. Pervert.

He's definitely a butt man and likes both blondes and brunettes. Good to know.

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Linda said...

This is hysterical. Gave me a good evening laugh and I needed one.

Okay the spider. The only way I can even tolerate looking at it (as great as your photos are) is in the 2nd "after" shot. Yeah, he (or she) looks kind of cute there, lol.

Your carpet looks beautiful and yea for rain - we finally are receiving just a little tonight as well - no hail though.

And Noah and the Barbies - that's just too funny.

Love, Linda