Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Other Mothers, An Old Video, Carpet and Sunsets

Emily and Noah have a special bond. It was that way from the get go.
David and I thought Noah would be a girl. We both pictured having two girls and we were shocked when the ultrasound tech told us otherwise. But God knows whats best for our family. Emily would have been very jealous of another little girl in the house. But a baby brother? Well, that's just fun.

She came home from school yesterday and Noah threw his sippy cup in the air and it landed on his head. He started crying which I ignored. He cries all the time. But, Emily took over mothering him, ice pack and all.

They were hanging out tonight on the hammock.

And can I just say a thing about my girl...she awesome. I wish I could be more like her. I got angry with her this afternoon in the car and garbage came flying out of my mouth. I said things I regretted the instant they came out. But, I couldn't take it back. So a few minutes after I cooled down, I looked in my rear view mirror and apologized and asked for forgiveness. She just smiled and said, "That's okay Mommy, I forgive you". Really? Just like that? I would've held a grudge for at least 3-4 hours. She truly is so sweet. I could learn a lot from her.
My Mom is also taking to Mothering Noah. I heard them outside this morning. My Mom singing lollipop and Noah getting the pop down at the perfect moment.

I know my Mom may not move out for a year, but Noah is going to really really miss her. She gives him attention all the time. She watches Barney with him over and over and over. I'm sorry, but that's where I draw the line. My Mom has more caring and patience in her little finger than I do in my whole body. I could learn a lot from her too.
When I was looking for those older pictures of Emily and Noah, I came across this video on Photobucket. I don't even remember uploading this or why, but I almost shed a tear. My kids were still babies really. We obviously made this video to send to Grammie Gwynne. I don't even know if we ever sent it.
Three years ago, they were making carpet angels. Now we are getting new carpet. After several dogs with bladder issues and god knows what, we are getting a chocolate brown carpet on Friday. Well, just in the living room and family room, but the room looks like this tonight as we get ready.

It was a battle between East and West tonight with a spectacular sunset.


I think the East wins by a rainbow.


Linda said...

I love reading all of this - and the photos and video - awesome! Especially those sky photos - funny that we had similar colors in our sky way over here in Illinois tonight. It was near 100 degrees today here with humidity to match - not pleasant out and the schools here have NO air conditioning, so you can imagine. Many closed early, but not Sarah's school. Anyways - it turned out to be a lovely evening though, heat and all, and I just couldn't help but notice the clouds and the dragonflies in the sky overhead. I sat down on the patio for about 1/2 an hour and just watched and then a really cool hummingbird moth flew into the petunias next to me, but my little purse-size camera couldn't capture him quick enough. It was still a wonderful moment.

I felt for you, reading about the car incident. Oh those words. I totally understand and if only I could have taken back all of the times that I've said what I shouldn't over the years, but I can't. But you know - I respect more the person who can simply say they are sorry. To me - that is noble. My Dad was like that (is like that), he would spout off but always feel bad and ask for forgiveness, and I've tried to remember that in raising Sarah.

Tonight, she and Anthony came home from their little dinner date out and she brought me a bamboo plant in a little planter that says "Happiness", because she said that she thought I deserved some happiness. I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe that my all-too-often-grouchy teenager thought of me while she was out with her boyfriend and bought me a little gift from her own money.

You just never know what motherhood is going to bring. Sometimes bad. Most of the time, really, really good. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video and no I really don't think I ever saw it before. It is just amazing how the kids have grown so much in such a short time. It seems like it was only a year ago that you guys moved to PV but yet I know it was when Ben was just a little past his 1st birthday and look at him in kdg already. I love that Emily has a soft spot in her heart for Noah. Sometimes I think being #3 , and a lot more demanding than either #1 or 2( especially) that he might get less individual attention than either #1 got or that #2 required. So the fact that he has a loving big sister is great. Of course the fact that he now has Grandy at his beck and call is a bonus .
I love all the pics from the last few posts and it looks like this might be a busy next couple days but look forward to seeing the new chocolate brown carpet maybe in your next post.☼