Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Call Her Jack

When Emily was around 2, she slipped on some water in our kitchen and chipped her front tooth. I've been waiting for that tooth to fall out. She lost the bottom two and then the other one on top that wasn't chipped.

Today, she lost her fourth tooth. But nope, it's not the other front one. Instead the ones to the side are coming out.

 I think she looks like a Jack-o-lantern. Albeit the cutest one I've ever seen!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

BAH! Good one Gina!

Linda said...

:E Love it!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of my little doll, but that will not be the picture going in her new picture frame.☺Imagine she is not even 7 yet and has already lost 4 of those baby teeth. She is growing up too quickly. ☼

Anonymous said...

I "thing" you sound like Ricky Ricardo when you say "I "thing" she looks like a Jack-o lantern"! Love you though....:0) you crack me up! Mama Suzy