Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day

I have several blog posts running around in my head. We had a great camping trip, and I have lots of pictures to share. Noah is two today! Two! I'll do his post later tonight with pictures of him having cake and all that good stuff.

Right now, I need to write about the first day at school. Emily started second grade and Ben started Kindergarten. Gulp.

Last night started off badly. Emily likes to get the party started, but doesn't know how to stop partying. She snuck out of her room and went in the backyard where my Mom was. By the time I found her and she got back to sleep, it was almost 2 hours past her bedtime. So, the party animal was probably a little tired.

But she pulled herself together this morning and still looks beautiful.

Ben didn't seem nervous at all this morning and was more concerned with finishing his game on He got new Spiderman shoes that light up. He loves them and says his spidey senses are tingling when they light up.

Yep, he's an old pro.

My Mom was here, so I was able to leave Noah at home with her and go with the kids to school. So nice to not be pushing a stroller or containing a 2 year old. Instead I was able to take pictures and enjoy every second.

Ben met his teacher. Her name is Mrs. Hammond. Ben was having a hard time remembering, so David told him it was like ham and eggs, just don't say the eggs. I'm waiting for him to call her Mrs. Ham and Eggs.

He got situated at his chair and looked so cute and proud to be starting school.

 I did not get all teary. Ben is an emotional kid and if I started to cry, he would think something was wrong or he did something wrong. I wanted him to be excited and feel great, not feel bad that I was crying. I stayed strong!

I walked Em to her class and got her situated. She's at a real desk and not a table and chair. She started checking out all her supplies.

 Then, I think she was done with me. She's confident and secure. I love that.

 After Em was settled, I walked back by the Kindergarten rooms. They were in the direction of the parking lot, so why not. I stopped to check in on Ben. I didn't want him to see me, so I took one quick picture and left.

The first day of school is very special to me as I missed Emily's first day of Kindergarten. Two years ago, I was in a hospital bed with a liver ready to rupture, blood pressure through the roof, at risk for seizures and about to be cut open to have a baby who was 9 weeks early. The hardest thing I had to deal with today was trying to get Ben off the computer to brush his teeth. I'll take that any day. So it's hard to get overly weepy today. The first day of school is something special and something to be happy about. I don't take it for granted, and I'm so grateful that I'm here and I'm healthy.

The house is oddly quiet and Noah is tearing it apart, toy by toy. It's his second birthday today too. He just helped me make a funfetti cake and I'm making sauce for pasta in a little bit. It's his favorite.

It's almost time for Noah's nap. The house is quiet. What will I do with myself? Maybe I'll read a book or take a shower and have time to shave my legs. Who are we kidding...I'm going to go do dishes and fold laundry. What a glamorous life I lead, but I wouldn't change it for anything.


Anonymous said...

So glad I checked for some info on Day #1 . I have been on pins and needles all day thinking about their first day back for Emily and 1st day for Ben and to round out the trio, Noah celebrating Birthday #2. I am just so happy for you guys that everything worked out the way it has. Wish I could have been there to see them off to school. Hoping that Ben loves it and is anxious to go to school each day as Emily seems to be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Noah and Mom and Dad you are both doing a great job! ☼

Linda said...

Such a big day there! ♥ Happy Birthday to Noah and Congratulations on the first day of school for Ben and Emily. That last picture of Ben in the classroom (when he didn't know you were looking) makes me bawl. So there, I'll do all the crying for you today. It makes me cry, because of course, it reminds me of leaving Sarah at school in those early years, how she was always involved in whatever she was doing, and unlike Emily, Sarah did not used to be outgoing. She was quiet and shy then. I see it in those old photos. She still has that quiet streak (like her Mom), though she will never admit that anymore.

I know what you mean - I wouldn't have had it any other way either when she was little. It changes though, as you know. Now I have tons of free time and yes, there's always cleaning, but I have time for other things because Sarah is out doing her thing. I have over 2 hours of free time every day this week because she's at Band camp.

So, the important thing I think, is just enjoying the moment wherever we're at.

Love the pictures.

Sarah said...

I had a first-day-of-kindergarten boy too. I wasn't emotional either, but it's so strange not to have him home with me - I miss him.

I can't believe Noah is 2 already!

pam said...

Sounds like a great first day of school! Ben looks so blond to me. It must be all that time outside and in the pool. Happy to hear all went well!