Saturday, August 27, 2011


After 4 years in this home, we wanted new carpet. It wasn't "that bad", but we knew what had been cleaned up and lets just say we were skeeved out. (My husband has never heard of the word skeeved. I was shocked so I looked it up. It's not a real word, it's in the urban dictionary. It means grossed out in case you've never heard of it too.) Two black dogs with bladder issues and one of which would get in the pantry when we left and eat an entire loaf of fiber bread and well, let's just say our steam cleaner use to come out of the closet about 3 times a week.

This would have been a luxury that we would need to use savings for, but with couponing I can easily pay for this. We went through Home Depot and charged it through a no interest program for a year. I make a payment every month and in a year it's paid for and our savings is untouched. I read a great saying on a coupon blog ~ "Save on the things you need to afford the things you want". Yep, saving on grocery to afford carpet. I like that.

So, this was our before.

The guys were quick and efficient and very nice. Someone had even wrote on the concrete under the tile "nice house". Funny we never knew that was there.
Here is the final result.

Love it! We are very very very happy!


Anonymous said...

The new carpet looks great. A lot of work involved, I'm sure. It was great that you found that deal and that you won't have to pay interest for a year.Now comes the "joy" of having to put all the furniture back in place. Enjoy your weekend.☼

Linda said...

It looks wonderful!

Yea, ours is terrible too and it's over 10 years old now with all of the forementioned stains. But I want it out of here - at least through the entrance dining room and including the kitchen tile - I want wood floors. Nothing saved up for that, and there's a local business that does flooring - maybe someday. Jim and I used to do everything ourselves (think Sarah's playhouse and the pool) but we're getting to where I say "let's have someone else come in and do it". Wood flooring is going to likely involve a lot of work - we don't have concrete underneath - just wood sub flooring because we're on a crawlspace. Can't imagine what they'll find under the carpet! :O

Glad your work is done for now and that you can enjoy it.
Love, Linda

Jill Jameson said...

The carpet for the home came out great. That was some nice construction workers who wrote that note on the concrete.