Monday, August 15, 2011


We went camping 10 days ago. I just haven't had time to blog about it. It was our one last hoorah before the kids started school. We are not typically camping people. We like electricity and plumbing and stuff like that. But, we are also willing to try new things.

The last time David and I slept in a tent, it involved a hike down the Grand Canyon. That was hard core camping. You only get what fits in a backpack and what you can carry.

Anyway back to camping. Our friends had been wanting us to try camping with them, and we finally caved. We figured since Noah is 2, it can't be that bad. And we were right. It was awesome.

My friend made all the reservations at White Horse Lake, about 1 1/2 hours from us. She picked the two best campsites in the entire place. The kids quickly made themselves at home.

Ben even got in relax mode.

My husband was almost in a comatose state. Seriously, I've never seen him so relaxed. 

Right behind our campsite, the lake ended and there was shallow water that all the kids would hang out by. They caught butterflies and found snakes, and had a great time. You'd think there would be tons of mosquitoes, but not one. It's not wet enough (even around a lake) to breed them. It was awesome.

Ben brought one costume with him, of course.

David took the boys and hiked to the top of the rock formation.

Here they are at the top.

The sunset was gorgeous.
And that meant it was time for smores!

And if you are picky like Noah, that just means chocolate.

The first night was a little rough with Noah. He didn't cry because I pulled him out of the pack and play after he fussed here and there for a few hours. He likes sleeping right on top of you. Chest to chest. I would've minded if he wasn't so sweet. And waking up to this view puts anybody in a great mood.

We took a hike around the lake.

We went with two groups of friends, and here are all the kids.

This is the boat launching area.
Then, it was time for afternoon naps.

I got some nice pictures of the kids at the lake at sunset.


Yep, that pretty much sums up my kids' personalities.

We even went fishing. Emily learned to cast and was very proud of herself.
It was a wonderful trip. Two days was perfect and we will definitely do it again.


Linda said...

I've been wondering where you've been here! Figured you were busy with the start of school.

Love all of the great photos you took. I laughed at the one that you subtitled "here are all of the kids" and there's David in there, lol. :)

Looks like such a serene, beautiful place to camp. Though I'll confess - I have never camped and surely I don't believe that I'm the camping kind of girl. Not that I'm always high maintenance because you know I love nature, but I also love modern conveniences. I think in a camper - yes, that would be camping to me. Even better though, is staying in a nice fully equipped cabin. NOt truly camping, lol. But you get the picture.

Anyway - I love that you went and had a great time. The photos are fantastic.
Love, Linda

pam said...

Looks like a fun trip. Very pretty camping site. So happy you had fun.

Anonymous said...

You know I have been waiting for these pics and report. Couldn't get David to say much aside from sleeping on the foam mat was not that great! But he did say he had a great time and that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.The pictures sure help to picture it better. David did his fair share of camping as a kid , so I would think it would bring back happy memories for him .
Thanks for sharing.☼
PS Grampie loved the pictures.