Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Around Our House

It's way past my bedtime. I'm the only one up. The house is quiet. My eyes are heavy and I should be asleep, but I need moments alone to myself when nobody is needing me and I can just do what I want. And what do I choose to do? Write about those people that always need me. Isn't that how it always works.

So much has been going on around here lately. First we spotted this sweet Dove nest in our backyard. David and I had talked about the Mama for weeks. She was always so good and sat on those eggs come rain or high wind. She had two babies.

Yes, I say HAD. We were ooohing and aahing over the nest and Rocko, our Golden Retriever, noticed. The next morning David let Rocko outside. Within an hour, the nest was on the ground and we had two dead baby birds on our patio. It's one thing if the birds died for food, but just for sport made me very angry at Rocko. We learned a lesson. We will ignore nests from now on or at the very least, put Rocko inside.
Emily's friend from Kindergarten came up for a visit. When she moved away last year, I really didn't know if they would stay friends. But, the girls have written letters and Skyped. Ellie has made 3 trips up here with her family and always comes over for a playdate. They got to spend 6 hours together last Friday. Emily wanted to show her the youtube video. Ellie was just happy to be with Emily.

And they got to dance in the rain.


Something tells me these two girls will remain friends forever.

Ellie bought them matching heart necklaces. So cute.
This is Noah in Ben's Batman cape and mask. We call him Batbaby.

Our friend recently loaned us Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Emily LOVES that movie.

We have headphones that are awesome to watch movies with or just TV. I can get all three bathrooms cleaned while listening to a show. And for this multi-tasker, that's about as good as it gets. Plus, it helps when the random bad word is thrown in a movie and we don't want the kids to hear. Although, I'm sure they've heard worse out of my mouth. Bad Gina. I try to be good. I really do.
Noah is completely into copying us. He will get a baby doll and go in his room and get a diaper. And do a diaper change right there in the family room.

I had to help him with the tabs. But job well done...

He's proud of himself.

Our garden...
Where do I begin. We've learned that we can't fight mother nature. What wants to grow will grow. Zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkin, raspberries. Those are our staples. We bought two established bell pepper plants hoping to get something and zero.

Our compost bin has by far been the most interesting aspect in all of this. It doesn't break down enough and we get things growing that we didn't plant. Like this blackberry bush.

We could not believe it. We have a thornless blackberry bush on the other side of the house that we paid $20 for and haven't gotten anything. This thing springs up in our garden and it has thorns and it's producing fruit. Crazy, but we'll take it.
As for Ben, I think he realizes that a big change is going to happen in less than a week. It's called full day Kindergarten. He's spending every moment playing in his room. He's not into photos lately. He's into videos. Everyday, we make a new video and I post it on youtube. Toy Show With Ben Part 3 was filmed yesterday. Another one was filmed today, but I need to post it. He loves to film the movie and then likes to watch it over and over.

That's why I signed him up for a drama class. It starts next Tuesday. Emily is taking it too. I asked her if she wanted Ballet or Drama. She chose Drama. Easy enough for me.
This week has seemed crazy. School starts in 5 days and we are going camping on Friday. Our first camping trip since Emily was 9 months old. It was not a good trip. The wind was howling. The dog was howling. And well, Emily was howling. We pray we have a better experience this time around.

We are also missing the meet and greet with the new teachers on Friday night, so I e-mailed them and they very nicely agreed to let us come by tomorrow afternoon to see them.

My Mom is moving up here and living with us tomorrow. She is on a wait list at an apartment complex up here. I'm so excited to have my Mommy with me for awhile. I was a little shit to her much of my teenagers years. I guess every kid probably was. But you never really appreciate your mother until you become one. It'll be nice to spend some time with her over the next 6-12 months. I know after she moves out and our lives move on, this time with her will be something I will always cherish.
I can't believe the kids go back to school so soon. The summer flew by. Ben is starting Kindergarten. I'm going to be a sobbing mess on Monday. Where is the time going?

A friend recently quoted me a saying that I love...I just googled it and found out that it's from Gretchen Rubin. No clue who she is, but Gretchen I love your quote.
"The days are long, but the years are short."

Amen to that sista.


Linda said...

I love that quote! Never heard it - it's lovely and true. Sob.

Wow - you have much going on. Seems like August is one of the busiest months for everyone. Love all of the pictures, especially of Emily and her friend. How sweet.

Hope camping is a great time for you and that's going to be nice having your Mom near by.

I remember those days of being needed all of the time. Now it's not so much anymore, that's why I have so much free time. The only thing Sarah needs me for is money. Shopping you know. Oh and a ride, but that's ending too as she now has friends (like Alisa in the photo segment) who have CARS and can drive her, and soon, that will be around the corner for Sarah too. Crazy fun times.
Love, Linda
P.S. I was oohing and ahhing over those sweet doves too and felt so sad when I read about the dog and the nest. :(

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how big the kids are getting..They are growing so fast..Emily reminds me so much of David when he was that age in looks...the party animal must come from her Mom.
Love all the pictures even if I don't comment much I do keep an eye on your little troupe.I think Noah is adorable and am so happy he is growing so strong..
Oh by the way FYI Gretchen Rubin is an author and her latest book is "The happiness project" which I recommend to everyone, I talk to.
I can see you are in for quite a year so I will keep my eyes open and watch the progress...Love to all...Auntie Barb