Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're Home

We are always sad to leave Idaho. The kids miss the outdoor fun. We all miss the cabin, the river and my Dad and Suzy. And Suzy cooks great meals for us, proof is in the scale that we both gained weight. But reality calls, and we are back to our life.

On the plane ride home, the kids got mouthy with me within the first few minutes of taking off. They usually aren't like that, but a week of not enough sleep had taken it's toll. They were punished by not getting a movie on the plane home. But I realized that may be more punishment for me instead of them. Much to my surprise though, they didn't even need a movie. They colored pictures.

Emily drew a picture of her Fourth of July in Idaho. Fireworks in the sky (or on the side of the house), a campfire, and Grandma Suzy's marshmallow roasters which have little snowmen on the bottom.

Ben drew himself as a Superhero. Notice the glasses and big ears? That's my boy. All his superheros have glasses on now.

Then, Emily wrote a little note on what she is thankful for.

I'm thinking they don't need movies on the plane anymore. I like the pictures better.

We got to our van which was parked in a covered parking lot off the airport. In case you haven't watched the news in the past week, Phoenix was hit with a major dust storm last week. No rain, just dirt. Our van was disgusting. I shut the side door for the kids and choked on a plume of dust. Nasty.

We got hit with storm after storm up here in Prescott. The grass is nice and green and we have a new pet in the backyard.

David has already ran 3 miles this morning, washed the van, mowed the lawn and went to the store. Yep, we are back into the full swing of our reality. But, you know what? It's pretty great. Well, I could do without the frog.


pam said...

Happy you're home safe, friend! Loved all the updates. Miss you and hope to catch up soon!

brownymama said...

Love it all! Looks like you had yet another great summer there. I'm always a little bit jealous. (: Not that I don't have my own fun, but a house on the lake..... Glad you're back and already into the swing of things!

Linda said...

Love the pictures they drew. Enjoyed keeping up on your trip. :)

I'm disconnecting from the blog and Facebook and am not sure right now when, if ever, I'll return. It is a topic of next month's column, and I will say that life has never been better since I disconnected. Jim and I go on walks and bike rides in the evenings, instead of me plopped down in front of my computer and it's just a great improvement in my attitude. I will keep up on reading your blog though. :)
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the real world. A time of rush and work and back- talking kids that love to draw. ☺
Actually your van looked far less covered with mud than I thought it would. But, the most important thing is you are back, Noah gets to sleep in his own bed and the kids get back to driving you crazy in your own home. ☼
BTW the next 10 years will fly by and before you know it Emily will be off to college and Ben will perhaps be winging himself solo to visit the grandparents in Idaho and Noah , well he'll still be there under your feet and being a big help around the house, maybe washing the car and vacuuming the floors.☺