Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stars Are Born

It's the end of summer. I'm not quite ready for the kids to go back to school. Emily is excited and wished school started 2 weeks ago. Ben is not so excited. Ben is content to play in his room all day long. I started singing, "It's the end of the world as you know it" last night as really it is. Other than summer vacation, he will be going to school or working now for the rest of his life. And for a boy who prefers costumes to school clothes and action figures to teachers, he was a little upset. He says he wants to stay a kid forever; actually, his words are "I don't wanna grow up!"

For that reason, I'm sad for him to be entering the milestone of Kindergarten. There's a part of me that wants him to stay 5 and stay with me at home everyday. But, I know he's ready for bigger and better things and at the very least, I entice him into being interested in school by telling him he'll learn to read all those superhero comic books in just a few years all by himself.

We have 10 days left of summer break. The kids have spent time this summer on the computer. They love the regular kid sites, but they've also discovered you tube. They'll watch all sorts of videos and some are really catchy. Like the video of spiderman done to a version of the piano man..."sling us a web your the spiderman" can watch it here but I warn you, you'll be singing it all day.

Emily sticks to videos of dolls and will show me every one claiming that's what she wants for her birthday. Um, that's a Baby Alive from 1989 sweetie. I don't think so.

In any case, some videos are rather basic and are of kids just playing with their toys. Really? That's entertaining? They think so. I told them anybody could put up a video like that, so they wanted to make their own. And that's what we did today. I stayed out of it and let them come up with everything on their own. We had to film in shifts. I filmed Ben first while Emily watched Noah on the other side of the house and vice versa. Otherwise, all we'd hear is Noah complaining. So, here are their videos.

Warning: If you are not their parent or grandparent this will be 15 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

I think they did pretty good. They even came up with their own titles. I don't know if they'll ever walk a red carpet one day, but it was a great effort.


Anonymous said...

Gina, if I ever stop laughing I will let you know what I think of those "priceless" videos. It was a not wasted time for sure. Had a bit of trouble getting Ben's to play but after a half hour or so it went through to the end. I guess my server is too slow??
Thanks so much for the little grandkid fix. ☺

Linda said...

I think the videos are marvelous. We don't have any videos (or movies) of my sisters and I as kids and I barely have any of Sarah. There's just something so wonderful about hearing the voice of someone in youth.