Monday, July 25, 2011

My Poor Little Lamb

I call Noah my little lamb sometimes. I'm not sure why exactly, but it's been a nickname for him for over a year. In any case, he's been battling a cold for over 2 weeks. Noah's colds usually develop into an ear infection which sometimes take 3 different antibiotics to find a cure. He's always had this problem, but it's getting better with each year and the antibiotics are fewer. It still wouldn't surprise me if one day he is getting tubes in his ears, but I'm hoping he outgrows all this stuff.

Now Noah always complains, so we can never really tell when something is wrong or he is just being a pain in the butt. At almost two, he can point to his ear and say hurt, so you think he'd let me know when he has an ear infection or doesn't feel good. Yesterday, he was really fussy. I mean I could hardly stand to be around him. Between his crankiness and Emily walking around pretending to be speaking (and singing) in Spanish, I wanted to run away from home.

David I talked yesterday that maybe I should take Noah to the doctor. We both suspected another ear infection. When Noah woke up this morning and looked like this, I called as soon as the doctor was open.

They had an appointment in 30 minutes, which meant we all needed to be out the door in 15. We managed and got to the appointment with time to spare. Noah coughed and sneezed and fussed and I went through about 10 kleenex. And I waited for the doctor to tell me he had an ear infection, this would make his 9th I think in 2 years. But guess what? His ears were fine! I couldn't believe it. No infection. None. Zero. I almost wanted her to check again as I really couldn't believe it.

So, we spent an hour of our Monday morning and a $15 co-pay to find out that Noah is fine. Apparently there isn't a medicine to cure his crankiness. Darn it.

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Linda said...

Wow, poor Noah and poor you!