Friday, July 8, 2011

Idaho - Day 7

Last night we were treated to a beautiful sunset and a little rain. It was welcome after the hot week we had.
Grandma Suzy bought this thing called babycakes and you make these little donut holes that you can frost the next day in melted chocolate.
The problem was the little donut holes were so good, we couldn't stop eating them.
We woke up this morning to cooler temperatures, about 20 degrees cooler. Noah is making himself right at home on the trampoline.
Suzy took Emily for a tractor ride. She stayed in that trailer for 2 hours!
Ben joined her for about 20 minutes.
Then, it was time to dip the cakes in melted chocolate. Oh my, so good.
We were all digging in.
Even this kid ate them and he normally just likes dog food and rocks.
The kids jumped on the trampoline some more. I almost have David convinced to let us get one.
My Dad was breaking some fire wood and Emily and Noah would cheer with every swing.

David and my Dad took Em and Ben on a jet ski ride today and were met with 3 foot waves. They came back freezing and the kids were a bit freaked out. We usually chase the waves on the jet ski, but it was a bit rough for them today.

Making smores tonight! Our flight leaves tomorrow at 3:00, so we might even pack in a few more jet ski runs in the morning.


Anonymous said...

I do have to say it looks like the kids had a great time.It looks like your Dad and Susy did a lot to make them have a great and memorable visit.It is hard to entertain kids, as you well know,but they don't look like they had too many boring minutes. I'm sure that Emily and Ben will have lots of nice and happy memories from this visit. Little man looks no longer a baby but now like a little kid. ( Now that he has stopped with the dog food). I hope you have a safe trip home tomorrow . leaving at 3 means you'll no doubt get home very late. Please be careful on the drive home from Phoenix. Rocko will be there waiting along with Sharon for your return. ☼

pam said...

Sounds like you had an awesome week! So happy you're having such a good trip. So does this mean next time I visit, we'll be eating little donut holes for breakfast?! :) Love you friend! Safe travels tomorrow!