Thursday, July 7, 2011

Idaho - Day 6

Today we headed to Coeur d'Alene. It's about 35 miles from my Dad and Suzy's cabin. I had only been there once before last year when we went to see a movie with the kids. Today, we got to really see Coeur d'Alene, and it is beautiful.

We went to the beach area on the lake. Ben was right in his element with waves. He loves running through waves.
The kids played on the beach.
My Dad brought his and Suzy's bike and David and I got to take a stroll through the town on the bike path that runs for miles and miles. It was so pretty and if we didn't have 3 small children waiting for us, we would have biked for hours. Look at these streets...gorgeous!
We came across an old cemetery. I don't know why I love cemeteries so much. I don't even want to be buried. But, I love to walk around and read the headstones and match up relatives and speculate on the relationships of people.
This is Frank Russett, 1815-1922! 107 years old! With a name like Russett and in Idaho, I think he grew potatoes!
When we got back from our bike ride, the kids were playing on the playground. Now, this is a playground. Notice Emily's tongue sticking out because she is concentrating.
This little guy was zonked out.
Emily was showing off some fancy skills. Those trees, love those trees.
Noah woke up and wanted to watch the action with his Dad.

The kids were exhausted and we got a quick lunch at Costco and went home. This town is amazing though and if I ever had to leave my current town, which I love, I'd consider Coeur d'Alene in a second. Next time we come to Idaho, David and I think we will spend a few days with the kids doing all the family stuff there.

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Linda said...

Looks like a great day! Though you know what... we have pretty trees like that too. Come see us!! :D

Here, I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend - just Jim and I - before the BIG Talent Show extravaganza next weekend (it runs 3 days in a row and Sarah is doing 2 songs in it).

Have a great remainder of your trip.
Love, Linda