Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Idaho - Day 5

Today was a relaxing lazy day. Well, they all have been that way, but this one even more so. It was lovely. We took a walk in the woods.
Emily and Noah found walking sticks.
Then, the mosquitos found us and we high tailed it back to the cabin. Noah got the hang of the walking sticks quickly.
All three kids took a nap this afternoon. Something that Emily and Ben haven't done since they were two. Then we read books and relaxed. Noah's new favorite activity is to climb up on a bench and play with the wind chime. Ah...summertime.

Tomorrow is a day trip to Couer d'Alene. Fun, fun, fun!


Linda said...

The best thing about your vacation is that it seems to be that - a true vacation. Relaxing, with lots of time to just - BE. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics and the walking up the road seems to have been a reoccuring theme from other years. Don't forget the pics by their trees. Not sure if Noah has one dedicated or not. Have fun today.☼

Sarah said...

I love Couer d'Alene. Are you pretty close?