Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Idaho - Day 4

Last night, Emily was on the trampoline with her friend next door. Then, she went to their house to watch fireworks and make smores. I took this picture through a window because I knew the moment would be lost if she saw me open the door. When I watched her, I just thought she is growing up. Where's my baby girl?
Today we took the boat to the town of Sandpoint. It's a 90 minute boat road. Very pretty, very relaxing. I saw Emily on the back of the boat with her lovey that she's had since she was born. His name is Porky and he has slept with her every night for almost 7 years.
When I look at her here, I reminded that she is still a little girl.
I hope she stays that way for years to come.
This little man was out like a light in about 10 minutes.
His hair may be getting light and may even have hints of red, but his eyelashes are dark. So no, I never got my redhead.
Emily looking sweet on the boat.
Emily looking serious driving the boat.
They have a great beach area that the kids can swim and play. David took Noah walking.
Emily built a sand castle.
Ben ran around like usual.
And he jumped off the dock.
This was my attempt at being artistic and I got the legs of the lifeguard ladder to frame the photo.
When we were in San Diego in October, Noah did not like the sand. Wouldn't touch it, wouldn't walk on it. He was content to sit on a blanket and do nothing. Today, he loved the sand.
Ben looking sweet.
Noah picking up a babe on the beach.
They got along great. He's a chick magnet.
We all got ice cream. Emily went for bubble gum.
It was a perfect summer day.


Linda said...

Loving all of the photos and updates. Yes, they grow up really quick but it's a good thing too. :) Sarah's Dad (real Dad) would always say "I don't want you to grow up" and that always bugged me about him, because I thought - it's more sad for the children who never get that chance and growing up is a natural progression. So, I've always tried to look at it happily and excited to see the next phase. Now it's all teen years for us and onward to college, but that's ok.

Glad you're having a wonderful vacation.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, they are growing up so quickly..even Noah is out picking up the girls on the beach.LOL! That's how I met his Grampie, on the beach. Not that I was a beach babe, but I did think he looked "not bad" as he ran up and down the beach and I really did like his butterfly stroke once he entered the water to cool down. Ha! Long time ago...
I know the next few days will fly by quickly and then it will be back to the tried but true reality of home. So continue enjoying your last few days. ☼
Thanks for all the great pics.