Sunday, July 3, 2011

Idaho - Day 2

Ben woke up at 6:40 this morning. He was sleeping with me. I told him to go out in the living room sure somebody was awake. But, I couldn't go back to sleep without checking on him first. 180 feet of river front property with no fence makes a Mama nervous. We were the only ones awake. So, I stayed up with him and made coffee. It's not so hard when this is your view.
David took the canoe out alone this morning.

Then, the kids had to join him. We tried to put Noah in the canoe, but he just cried. Shocker.
The kids got an early morning ride on the jet skis.
Noah and I watched from the swing.

This is the first year that I've had a great camera. So, I'm having fun taking pictures of the kids. We took a boat ride and I took lots of photos of Noah.
This is as close to a smile as I can get from him.
Then, he was done.Emily has perfected a front flip in one day.
Emily looking like a movie star on the boat.
My toes on the boat ride.
My hot husband on the boat.
Noah was not a happy camper on the boat. He had a rough night sleep. He cried and since I forgot the monitor, my Dad and Suzy brought him in bed with them. He slept fine after that, but I'm not sure they did. He knew he had a couple of suckers in the room next to him and he milked them for whatever he could get.
Emily relaxing on the boat.
It was windy on the boat ride home.
Emily took in the sights.
The boys spinning webs.
Ben posing for me.
The kids decided to go in the water. It's freezing. It's run off from a snow capped mountain and it's about 2 degrees warmer than snow.
Ben went to put on his swim suit today and I realized I forgot to pack his bottoms. So, I grabbed Noah's, size 18 months. They went on and fit in the waist perfectly, just about 8 inches too short.
Then, Grandma Suzy took Emily for a jet ski ride to the marina.
My Dad took Ben.
And Emily, our normally shy, quiet girl has been coming out of her shell for months. She made friends with the girls next door and spent most the day with them playing.

Fun, fun times!


Anonymous said...

Oh I loved all the pictures, Glad to see you got Noah to "almost "give a smile.There are some really cute ones of the kids and I am glad to see you are getting to enjoy a bit of the fun as well. I didn't realize Pete and Suzy had neighbours with kids , no less. That is great for Emily.Imagine Ben in a 18 month bathing suit. If he gets too much skinnier he will fly away for sure. Hope Day 3 is just as nice a day for you all.☼

Linda said...

Great photos!! Glad you're having a wonderful time. Sarah was the same way with clothes - there were years and years where she didn't grow and her cousins just behind her were as skinny in the waist. Of course that changed, but she's still one of the smallest girls in her age group.

Looking forward to more updates!
I'm way behind now on my blog, lol.
Love, Linda