Saturday, July 2, 2011

Idaho ~ Day 1

We made it. And you can tell by Emily's reaction that we are all thrilled!
You'd think we'd take a day to get acclimated. But acclamation is for adults, not kids. Still there was time to soak up some scenery. The weather is absolutely perfect and it's supposed to remain that way all week. Highs about 80, lows in the 50's. Perfect summer weather. Perfect for sitting on the swing enjoying the boats on the lake.And perfect for battling the evil sprinkler.But Ben won in the end. Good always wins.Noah thought about battling the evil miniature poodle, Katie. But like I said, good always wins, so Noah would definitely lose. He knew enough to walk away.The kids skipped rocks.Ben took some time to pose on the canoe.This is his spiderman pose.David and Noah got in on the skipping rock action.One photo of me to prove that I am in fact here.My Dad took the kids on an evening canoe ride. It's almost 8:00 and the sun is still shining bright.David took the one on one time with Noah to give him a lesson in skipping rocks.He's a natural and would even clap twice for himself after every throw.
The trip down to Phoenix and plane ride here was very uneventful. And isn't that all you want with three small kids?

We are happy to be here and are looking forward to getting a great night sleep. I forgot the baby monitor. By accident...I think. Noah sleeps right next to my Dad and Suzy's room, so they'll hear him if he cries in the middle of the night. I'm very upset. HA!


Anonymous said...

WOW! You've been busy . Love the pictures and all the news . I know you are going to have a ball. Take Advantage , put up your feet and let nature take it's course. Best wishes to all.☼

Sarah said...

gorgeous views and looks so fun!
what part of idaho are you in?

Gina said...

Hi Sarah. We are in Priest River, ID, way up north. The cabin is on the Pend Orielle river. It's so pretty here. And GREEN! :o)

Linda said...

Love all the photos - nothing like seeing a family all together having fun :)

You know what though - I never even used a baby monitor with Sarah. I was pretty selfish - I needed my sleep. :P I don't know why, I just never worried once I tucked her in for the night. That's just me - weird, I know. :D

Love reading your updates!