Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He's Italian

Noah is by far our pickiest eater. The kid won't even eat corn. Have you ever met somebody who won't eat corn? No. Everybody likes corn. He won't eat a strawberry or a grape. His diet consists of grazing on carbs from a bag...cereal, goldfish crackers, chips. He won't even try foods. We force it in his mouth and he complains until he makes himself vomit. Mealtime is an adventure.

But, the one thing that he will always eat is pasta. And he loves his pasta.

I usually keep some in the fridge as back up at all times. I give him chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. He feeds them to the dog and then I feed him pasta.

I pick and choose my battles and fighting with him and cleaning up vomit at mealtime is not a battle I want to fight. Basically because I will lose every time. It is what it is and the rule around our house is if Noah is happy, everyone is happy.

The doctor says it's a texture issue that usually goes away when they are around 2-3 years old. I'm praying she's right.

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Linda said...

Well, considering Sarah gets by on a few bites of actual food at each meal, has never ate breakfast, and never finishes a meal, I'd say he will be fine. :) He's sure cute. ♥