Sunday, July 24, 2011


***I'm trying a new layout, so that I can have bigger pictures. I may have some issues for a bit while I make adjustments.***

Our dog Rocko is a great dog. He's a beautiful golden retriever who doesn't have issues or bad habits. Well, he has one bad habit. He chews up toys. Now, Ben is very fond of his action figures. He plays with them everyday. A few weeks ago, Rocko ate Ben's best Dark Knight Batman and he hardly has any spidermen figures who have all their appendages. The great thing is Ben is like, "oh well, he's still good". It doesn't dawn on him that maybe spiderman can't spin webs when the dog has eaten off both his arms.

In any case, after the death of the Dark Knight which Ben still doesn't know about, it was seriously just a torso left, so we quietly threw him out. I went shopping on ebay and found him a 50 piece set of action figures for $23 and that included shipping. Quite a steal since one guy goes for $10 in the store. I almost saved them for Christmas, but he has two weeks left of freedom before Kindergarten starts and I want him to enjoy ever second. Yesterday, Emily and I gave him each toy, one by one. He was in heaven.
That was followed by 49 more smiles and oh's and ah's.
He shared with his brother and sister and even let Emily pick out a few to keep. Well, he gave her the 2 girl superheros and a few others.
Emily loves them as much as Ben. She even set up a shoot out on her dresser. Poor Cinderella doesn't stand a chance.
The kids have been playing with all these toys for the past two days. They take them in the car with us and they've set up camp in Barbie's dream house. Best $23 I ever spent.

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Linda said...

LOVE the new layout with the bigger pictures! :) And what a great deal you found and these are some great photos!

Hope you have a good new week.
We have quite a busy one.

Love, Linda