Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday

Today I pulled a disc of Emily as a baby. She was colicky and not very good for the fist few months. The night she was born, we put her in the nursery so we could get a little rest and she got kicked out for crying too much. She was at the nurses station being held and then they brought her back to us early. So much for sleep.

But she was cute, so she's forgiven.

She's always been a Daddy's girl.

The you tube videos are such a hit that the kids want to make more. Well, they are a hit to them and maybe Grammie Gwynne. Other than that, I can't imagine anybody watching them once, let alone all day long on the TV like I've been doing. The countdown is officially on for the first day of school. Let's hope I can make it that long.

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Linda said...

Sweet! :)

The summer seems like it's been endless for me - so long full of fun - but at the same time - short. I know that probably doesn't make any sense, but that's how I feel.

We were back in Chicago today for what was it - the third time of the summer or more? Such a special, special day though being there with my sisters and all of our daughters. We were quite the group and I laughed and had fun all day long. Soon, alas it's back to the reality of school and sophomore year already. Band camp begins on Monday, so for all practical purposes, school is in full swing except for the other classes. :P And Miss Sarah still has an Honors English project to finish which if I know her, will run, down to the wire as usual... sigh.... I am NOT looking forward to school.