Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday and Movies

I'm not flashing back very far here for this photo. A week. Emily and Ben took my old camera last week after we got home from vacation and took some pictures. I thought this one was too cute of Emily wearing Ben's glasses.

This week has been busy. It seems getting back into the swing of things after a week off is hard. Today was movie day at Harkin's. We've been to about 5 movies so far, and this is the first time I remembered my camera. It's a process to get all the kids in the theatre, out of the bathroom, through concession, grab booster seats, divvy up popcorn and finally sit down. But, they look pretty content, don't they? Ben still needs a booster seat as he doesn't weigh enough to keep the seat from folding up with him in it.

And this little guy fell asleep in my arms during the last 20 minutes of Shrek. I didn't dare wake him as I didn't want to walk around in the lobby. He was actually really good today and with the exception of a 2 minute walk in the lobby, he was great in the movie. His new favorite snack is orange tic tacs, so they are my back up plan when all else fails.

He looks like he couldn't possibly be any trouble, but he's a handful.


Linda said...

We've never gone to the movies much in my life - too expensive I guess and we just never fit in the time. It's difficult enough for Jim to get me to sit through a movie at home, lol. Seriously. But.... it's GREAT that your theater has this Friday special during the summer and that you and the kids enjoy it. I'll confess, I've never had to try to bring more than a few little kids to the movies and even then they were much older than yours. Sounds complicated but fun. Great picture of the moment. :)

Anonymous said...

Does Emily like looking through Ben's glasses? Is she trying out the look just in case all that summer reading does her eyes in? I remember as a kid I used to love wearing my mother's glasses but couldn't see a thing, But, I did think it would be cool to wear glasses and in fact in 2nd grade deliberatly failed my eye test at school in hopes that I could get glasses. Of course what I actually did was cost my parents a trip to the eye doctor only to be told there was absolutely nothing wrong with my vision. I was too scared to lie to him. I figured all those machines and tools he was using would give me away, so I fessed up.
Looks like Noah is settling in well at the movies. Before you know it your baby will be all grown up and oh my then what will you do. Imagine having both hands free to attend to your own "stuff" !☼