Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Emily's 20 Questions

Emily is my smart, attentive little girl. Nothing gets by her. She likes to be challenged and she likes to challenge me. She's really changed in the past year into a confident little lady. Gone is the girl who was so quiet she wouldn't speak in class. She makes friends easily now and is up for anything. She's beautiful, nurturing and sweet. She's my girl.
Last year, I played 20 questions with Emily. I thought it would be fun for her to answer the same 20 questions every summer. So, here are the same questions for summer 2011. Her answers are first with what I thought she'd answer in parenthesis.

My favorite time of day is __________.
at night (night time)

The last thing I do before I go to bed at night is __________.
get tucked in and snuggle with Porky (kiss my dad goodnight)

I wish that I could go to ____________.
Florida because it's so fun (the beach)

The first thing I do in the morning is ___________.
drink coffee (drink coffee)

Do you pray?
No (yes)

Favorite TV show?
Hell's Kitchen (The Bachelorette, geez, both are bad parenting decisions, but she only watches a few minutes of both when we are watching it)

Favorite thing to wear?
comfortable clothes (pajamas)

Do you get embarrassed easily?
no (no)

If you are in the backyard, what are you probably doing?
playing with Ben on the slide or swinging and looking at our garden (ditto)

What are you scared of?
nothing, wait wait don't write that. I think there are monsters in my room that's why I ask Ben to come with me. But, that's just my imagination. (monsters)

What is something fun you are going to do today?
nothing (go to the pool)

Would you rather be in a cold place or hot place?
medium place because it's not that hot and not that cold (cold place)

Who is the boss in our house?
Ben. I'm joking. Daddy. That's a terrible question. (Daddy)

What do you recycle at our house?
milk, plastic bottles, empty yogurt, plastic boxes were raspberries are and regular boxes (water bottles, paper)

Favorite animal?
I like elephants, monkeys, iguanas, lions and yak.(What? She found an animal for every letter of her name. I thought she'd just say kitten.)

Favorite food?
roasted carrots with mashed potatoes and beef, and daddy's pea soup, and daddy's club sandwich (roast beef with carrots, potatoes and rolls)

Favorite drink?
cold water (coffee)

Favorite dessert?
cookie dough ice cream (pumpkin roll)

Favorite song?
Don't stop Believing (Don't Stop Believing, by Journey)

Favorite movie?
Ramona and Beezus (Annie)

She definitely has a lot more to say this year.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, very interesting. My notes:1) Use photobucket
2) Last pics..Jan and Feb '11
3)Love the close up's of all the kids, but only photobucket allows copying.
I hope Noah is feeling better today and that the babysitting is not too taxing. Have a great Tuesday. ☼

Linda said...

A note to G. about the photos - you can right click copy/save the photo right from the blog. It works. I tried it. :)

Love the closeup of Emily and the fascinating answers to her questions. If I even tried something like this with Sarah, she would just basically snap at me and say she is busy. Truly. That's my selfish, grouchy teenager most of the time.

Love, Linda