Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out With The Old

The kids have been going to karate since August. They both enjoyed it, but for the past several months they would complain about going. They had a great time once they got there, but I was realizing that it wasn't the highlight of their day. They've been going to gymnastics for 2 years and I still hear cheers when I say it's time to get ready.

Karate had run it's course for them. Emily was ready to move up but didn't want to because she would start sparring. Her class would also be 3 days a week, opposite Ben's 2 days a week. Which would mean 5 days a week at karate for us and no time for gymnastics. I would've been okay with that if they were passionate about karate, but they both just seemed to find it fun.

Last Thursday started a new month and we hadn't paid yet for June. I told them it was time to go to karate and I heard the complaints. Emily argued that it was summer and she rather go to the pool. Ben agreed. They only get 3 months to swim up here, so if they rather do that, I was all for it (and it's free!).

Plus I had already signed them up for a different activity. Tennis. My kids are not aggressive sports people, so I thought they might find this fun. Plus, they've both expressed an interest in wanting to learn when they see tennis courts. I always wished I had learned how to play as a kid. But, I was a racquetball girl myself and could never get the hang of tennis.

Today was the first class. They started with a few simple drills.

Emily caught on quicker than Ben. She hit almost every ball sent her way.

Ben would get so angry with himself when he didn't hit the ball and I'd hear him moaning and groaning. But he was making contact here and there and when he did, both arms flew up in a victory celebration.

They both said it was fun, but I could tell Ben was a little frustrated. We'll get them some racquets and they can practice with David this weekend a little. It only gets easier from here.


Anonymous said...

Hey that is great. Emily looks like a natural and as for Ben he just has to practice outside against the back fence wall everyday.Of course he has to keep the balls low or Rocko( CoCo to Noah) will have to go on a search and recovery expedition over the fence. You'll get so tired of hearing his moans and groans I'm sure, before he really masters the technique.
On another note Grampie is waiting for more piano pictures or better yet videos.You know he has a one track mind.☺
We liked the jeep and exercise pictures from yesterday. It looks like Noah is really starting to get his act together and be a participant in most everything. ☼
Are you guys in any way impacted by the wildfires?

Linda said...

Looks like fun :) Jim, Sarah and I have played tennis at our local courts. We have less courts now at the public park, because 2 of them were turned into a Skate park, where a bunch of Sarah's friends (including boyfriend Anthony) have been known to skateboard-stunt ;) Anyways - we'll have to try tennis again sometime. I do like it, though in 100 degree heat, it might be a bit much.
Hope you have a good weekend. I'll have to check back in on your blog a few days from now, as the next days are very busy with the big event on Saturday. :)
Love, Linda