Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Knock Knock

Whose there?
Duane who?
Drain the tub I'm drowning.

I feel a little like that lately. Things have been so busy. I'm doing stuff with the kids almost daily...programs at the library, tennis, movies, piano lessons, the park with our friends, etc. We come home for Noah's nap and I get the dishwasher unloaded, pick up around the house, maybe scrub a toilet, do some work to help people save money. Then, it's time for dinner and we head to the pool every night. Put the kids to bed, watch a little TV, and repeat the next day.

Of course there are other things going on around here too.

Ben had another eye appointment in Phoenix. David has taken him to his other 3 appointments since February and I had never been, so I wanted to take him.

I rarely drive down to Phoenix anymore. If I go there, I'm with David and he always drives. I forgot what it was like to be driving 80 down a highway. Here if there are 5 cars on the road with you, it's rush hour. At first I felt nervous and was gripping the wheel at 10 and 2. But after 30 minutes on the highway and listening to Dave Matthews Band, I started to relax. Then we came upon an Army convoy driving in the slow lane. Did I say driving? They were barely moving, so when an old man in a Monte Carlo pulled in front of me and started going almost slower than the convoy, I slammed the steering wheel with my hand and yelled, "move it old man"! Ah...I was back. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl. At least not completely.

We met my best friend Pam down in Phoenix before the appointment for lunch. Ben got to play in the play area and we got to visit for a bit. And wouldn't you know it, our friend from high school was at the table behind us. It was like a little Moon Valley Rocket cheerleader reunion. I wanted to break out the fight song dance right there in the middle of Chick-Fil-A.

Ben's new thing to do for me is make a heart with his hands and then he throws it to me or puts it on my heart. He's so sweet.

After lunch, we had Ben try to take a picture of Pam and I. It didn't go so well.

But turned out alright in the end.

The final report from the doctor is that Ben is doing "fabulous". His vision in his bad eye has improved 4 times over what it was in March since we started patching. He was very, very pleased with this progress. He wants us to continue patching 5 hours a day especially since it's a little easier right now with school being out. We have another appointment in September.
The kids have been enjoying tennis. The parks and rec is doing another session in July, but I wasn't sure the kids would want to continue.
Here are some photos from today. Emily with some nice follow through.
Ben concentrating on balancing that one ball.
Noah watching the big kids.
Noah getting bored and playing with his sippy cup.
Emily thinks one ball is for sissy's and goes for 5!
Notice her tongue out. This is from her Dad's side of the family. They all do that when they are concentrating. Right, Gwynne?
Nice follow through for Ben. He's actually getting better and making contact more.

When I told the kids there last lesson was today, they both had a fit. They said they want to keep going with lessons. So, we will continue for the month of July and see how it goes.
I know I'm making it out like things are crazy busy for us. And they are. We leave for vacation in 2 days and I just got the suitcase down today. I need to wash the clothes before I pack them and charge about 10 devices before we can get on a plane. So much to do before then. But we do have plenty of time during the day where we relax. Here's proof.

Next post will probably be from Idaho!
In the meantime, just call me Duane.


Linda said...

Hi Duane,
Gosh I feel sooooo lazy after reading your post! Because our schedule isn't anything like yours. Today, I worked half a day and then spent the afternoon in our pool - I thought yesterday was the perfect weather day. Wrong - it's today. Well, really the whole week has been wonderful, but today is just breathtaking. Literally, I lay in the pool taking it all in, in between Sarah and Anthony in there, and then soaking up some sun in a chair until I was sun-kissed.

That's my days lately. Not too much going on.

I love, LOVE the photos Ben took of you and Pam!!! I think you two look like high schoolers! You both look great! But then again, it was just a couple of years ago that you got out of high school, right? ;)

It's been just a couple for me too - you know, coming up on 30 next year. Yikes. :P

Anyway, hope you have safe travels and I look forward to reading about your vacation.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Loved the tennis ones and to see the grandkids enjoying their summer activities. I truthfully can say I don't know if "we" all stick our tongues out when we are concentrating on an activity, but I do remember when I was about 10 years old at the music festival, I stuck out my tongue at the judges before I even began my song. Wasn't even aware I was doing it but was told about it later by the judge. Boy was I embarassed!
Grampie's question is Emily playing two handed concerts yet? Very important info , you understand!
Have a great trip to Idaho. We'll be waiting for the updates. ☼