Sunday, June 12, 2011


Lordy, lordy, David's forty!

And I must say he still looks fine!

Emily serenaded her Dad first thing this morning.

Then, David made us breakfast. Yes, it's true. I should have done it, but he insisted as he does it every Sunday and I'd probably just mess up the pancakes. It was delicious as usual.

David tried to play tennis with the kids, but it was so windy, the ball was more like a boomerang. So, we went swimming instead.

We made David a cake.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Trying to get everyone to look and smile is impossible. I have about 20 pictures like this.

Emily put on her pretty dress and a squirt of Love's Baby Soft perfume. She wanted to look pretty for her Dad. She's sweet like that. So, I insisted on taking a few pictures of just her.

Then, Ben wanted one.

And then Noah walked over for his close up. He needs to learn to smile more. It's like a baby mugshot.

Emily and I wanted them to sing and make David sit on the saddle, but he refused. Our waitress brought us a dessert and Emily thought he wasn't going to share.

But he gave it to her, and she was happy.

Ben wanted my camera instead of ice cream, so he took a picture of David.

The kids insisted on making David a crown for his birthday. This is why you don't tell them to say pickles. All open mouths. And this was seconds before Noah's toe went into the cake.

Making a wish...

It was a rather relaxing day overall, and I hope David enjoyed his birthday. He truly is the most wonderful man. I made a little wish when he blew out the candles that we get to spend the next 40 plus birthdays together.

And I think he wished that the Canucks win the Stanley Cup tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh My my little man is 40! Where has that time gone?
I know when I look back , alot has happened in those 40 years but yet it is all recalled in the blink of an eye.( or at least a few seconds of thought time)
From 11:20 on a Saturday night, in Quebec City, Canada being almost 3 weeks overdue and a very hefty 1/2 oz short of ten lbs, he certainly has travelled a lot.These travels include a move by the family to Florida from Montreal when he just barely turned 13, a time when I am sure he didn't want to leave his friends. After that there were many ongoing visits back and forth between Canada and the USA for family visits and later on returning to Canada for college.Upon graduation from a wonderful University in Nova Scotia, one of his favorite places he returned to the US to live in Florida where he continued on for a second college degree.
After several years of employment in Florida, he set his sights on other states and ventured out to AZ. which until now has remained his home. Now, with his wonderful wife and three darling (if sometimes unpredictable) children he has made it his true home, as shown in the beautiful pictures you have so willingly provided for us. No one enjoys them as much as his Dad and I and for that we thank you Gina for taking such good care of our "Little man".♥

Linda said...

Sorry he didn't get his Birthday wish, lol, but I know that he already has everything he wished for - a wonderful family. :) You all are the best. I feel bad we missed his big birthday, in the midst of everything else going on here, and I'm just getting caught up on blogging. I'm glad he had a wonderful day. I loved reading about it, seeing the photos, and watching the video (yea Emily!!) and hey - I'm only 46, so I suddenly don't feel that old. LOL. Just kidding.
Love, Linda